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Students are known to retain information far better when they obtain it from physical books than when they read e-books. When a memory is rich in tactile or other sensory information, the mind remembers and values it. This is important information for marketers, in a world that has moved on from print and mailers, to digital media. When a consumer is able to associate the name of a business with a sensory experience, the memory tends to be clearer.

This means that that the two kinds of marketing are hard to compare in a direct way. Studies have found that marketing efforts putting promotional products into people’s hands tend to come with conversion rates of 50% or greater. Digital marketing is nowhere near as effective. While more expensive to a unit than electronic marketing, then, physical marketing campaigns tend to be more precisely targeted, and to offer better results.

Marketing involving promotional products is one of the most effective ways to go about a conventional campaign. The fact that people tend to hold on to useful promotional products for extended periods of time, means that exposure to the advertiser’s name occurs for longer. Promotional products also tend to feel like gifts to many people, meaning that they tend to remember the advertiser in a positive way.

Promotional products are a great tool when opening in a new location

Digital marketing can be effective for businesses that have properly assembled mailing lists. It’s different when there is no such list, however. This could happen when a business sets out for the first time in a new neighborhood. If the neighborhood is known to belong the right demographic, targeting every household with a promotional product is an excellent way to bring your business to their attention, and to begin building a mailing list. If approached with the correct promotional product, these recipients may write in.

Relevant promotional products make for better results

While even simple flyers are often better than digital ads in the way they are able to burrow into the minds of consumers, it makes a lot of sense to find useful and fun promotional products to put into their hands. The purpose should be both to indulge in image building with your audience, and also to give them something that they may find useful. Get specialist like Dynamic Gift in Canada involved to help you make the right choice.

It takes considerable expertise and experience to know how exactly to pick the right product. It is an exercise somewhat akin to buying someone a birthday present, except that it’s harder. Here are ideas that often work.

Catch them young

If the demographic that you’re aiming for has young children around the home, targeting your promotional efforts at those children can have powerful results. You do need to choose well, however. It’s usually not a good idea to go with tacky gifts of the kind found in cereal boxes. Instead, one should go with quality. Jumbo crayons, educational flashcards, reflector wrist wraps or knee protectors, piggy banks, flip-flops, or even wet wipes, all work well.

These are things that any family would buy for their children , and many may appreciate being spared the expense.

Products that double as business cards

When people get business cards, the best that they can do with them is to key the number into their phone, and forget all about them. What if every “card” that you gave out was information printed on a promotional product? It could be anything from earbuds to eye masks and neck pillows. When people receive promotional products in unexpected ways, they remember them even better than they do regular promotional efforts.

Gift an app

While an app is not a physical product, coupons for paid apps that are highly relevant for your target audience, can have a powerful effect. According to leading law firm Colley and Colley this is an idea that can be especially relevant to organizations such as law businesses, whose clientele often need paid, app-based utilities. They need to understand legal procedures, among other things.

Gift an everyday item

An app isn’t the only utility that you can hand out. From tissue paper holders to napkin rings, remote control holders to power strips and LED light bulbs, there are things that nearly every home finds itself short of from time to time.

As long as you offer a quality, relevant product, there’s little that can go wrong with a promotional product campaign.

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