It’s Time to Make it a Priority to Focus on Online Advertising Methods

Compelling CopyFor online marketers, website owners, or any company with some online presence, it’s time to make it a priority to focus on online advertising methods. No matter what your product, from whitepapers for new traffic conversion incentives to regular blogs and press releases, there are huge opportunities this year for businesses and websites sending out quality content. Here are three tips:

1. Consider content products you’ve never invested in before. Each one could be a new avenue for growth this year: press releases (writing and distribution), blogging for other sites besides your own (guest blogging), whitepapers, e-books, presentations to publicize on your business SlideShare account, scripts and videos, and infographics.

2. More is better — when it comes to research; length; quality. When it comes to online content for 2015, longer is better. QuickSprout did a case study where a homepage with 1,200+ words ranked better than a 480 word home page. 2,000 word blogs have resulted personally in much better rankings for our own blog than the 500-words-or-less we regularly posted in 2012 and 2013. We post daily blogs in 1,000-2000 word amounts each. As long as the amounts you post are non-fluff.

3. A regular schedule is a must. This is vital to all online content campaigns: blogging, press release writing and distribution, article production, website content. Blogging is best done on a regular schedule, to get Google to notice and rank, consistent reader engagements, and results. Don’t start blogging unless you can maintain it. Google actually penalizes for those who stop content flow after starting it — you could lose rankings by not keeping up on your content.

Stumped on content production ideas? A copywriter could by a solution. HBM

Julia McCoy is the CEO of Express Writers, a copywriting agency founded in 2011 with a team of over 60 writers and editors, and clients around the globe including the Bank of Austria and Procter & Gamble. Express Writers pulls from in-team training, peer conferences, expert knowledge, and continual research to ensure consistent quality standards in content creation and production.

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