Single Girl Builds Her Dream Quarantine Tiny Home In The Sims 4

[Music] welcome guys to my sims 4 stream today I'm going to be doing a I'm letting my twitch viewers choose the challenge of my build that I'm going to be building today I'm going to be building a home in the sims 4 and we're all going to choose what parameters and what challenges will face me in my build it's going to be the railing so first we have to choose where the build is going to be it will it be Willow Creek in Oasis Springs build will be a new crest probably not Magnolia promenade that's you know that's not homing right wind didn't big with it with with like a little like what is that Nessie is up in winded bag sanma shoe no with the night life a penthouse vibe maybe Forgotten Hollow ooh spooky bats freakin bats brindled tin Bay you know not to be confused with Brent Alton Bay which is just your bathe at is from brindle to del Sol Valley you know the glamour the glitz the huh nightlife stranger ville very weird vibes there if you did a vide check it would be very awkward Salani ah the beach the Hawaii of the sims as they say glimmer Brook the magical realm or bright Chester where the colleges are so those are all of our world options in which we can build today I feel like wherever we choose we'll end up choosing kind of what the vibe is I'm getting quite a few Salani sulemani vibes and some strange ervil's oh my goodness so many different opinions here but I'm seeing the most of some Salani so I feel like you know we hope to serve a vacation right now you know I'm saying I'm going to escape my life and go to the beach so we're going to sue Lani okay sue Lani is our first one so welcome to sue Lani Oh where shall I build my new home is it gonna be a beachfront property in a very large area or is it gonna be key point which off the grid you know like going off the grid kind of like we all are now it's you I do I flip a home do I like grab one of these little guys and then just like change it up the it is entirely up to all of us we could make it a mansion well that would take a lot of time probably not two hours we could make it a tiny home I see a lot of off-the-grid vibes a lot of off the grid oh my goodness off the grid oh my goodness so much of the grid and so much beachfront oh this is so hard off the grid tiny home we could totally do it off get the grid tiny home okay I'm seeing a lot four key points so we're gonna go for a key point it's gonna make it a little bit more difficult but I stand a challenge oh shoot we're gonna make like no I'm not making a sim exit create a sim we're not doing that today all right so we're going to be doing that yeah we're gonna go in to build private island just in case change the setting to have it on the grid oh I could change it to be on the grid do we change it or do we to accept the challenge I feel like we should accept the challenge of it being on the grid this is beautiful look at this another tiny home I did enjoy the first time we built a tiny home oh my gosh look at all the beautiful things we could do welcome to all of our new life friends Rianna thank you so much for the twitch prime sub happy 11 month of ursery it's your 30th birthday happy birthday that's awesome it was my friend's birthday yesterday off the grid – the murder room well this is for a different client so there's obviously won't be a murder room this time all right tiny home okay so we're gonna do should we do a micro home a tiny home or a small home yes self-quarantine with Kelsey we're gonna make the perfect we're going to make I'm gonna make the perfect self-quarantine abode this thing has everything beach seclusion no other humans whatever else we put in it we're gonna make it tiny make it tiny home all right let's do tiny we haven't done a tiny vibe yet okay so that's too big already my goodness all right so this is too big we have to make it half this size here we go dude I'm gonna just start with a little box here there we go okay so this is the size our tiny home could be but we can do a lot of like very other you know like stuff outside what is this song Sims you okay is Sims okay so off the grid means it's not connected to electricity or plumbing meeting no utility bills okay so we're not gonna have any electricity or plumbing in this home honestly it's for the best you know maybe the beach is their entertainment but like honestly not I know this does look very tiny it is very small look at this look how tiny uh-huh could you imagine what the micro looks like the micros even smaller let's just see for fun what the micro is oh no that's just terrible isn't it look at this this is the micro oh no I can't we won't we can't do micro not this time next time maybe all right we're gonna go back to tiny here oh yeah I got a there you go all right so back to tiny maybe we'll make our tiny home you know have like some extra extra lift here make it the that everything a little bit no you know what it's tiny Kelsey don't be it don't be you know trying to sneak out it's true with me true he is with me my dog is in the other room chillin as he likes to do during streams he doesn't like to be in in the room where it happens most of the time to quote the Internet all right should we put it like even closer to the beach Shh maybe we'll put it like even closer here yeah you got like a nice backyard I don't think we're allowed to do a porch we could do a porch though you'd like knock it back and then do a little porch oh yeah just do like a little porch moment here we go like tiny house a little tiny porch overlooking the water maybe we'll like make it a little bit smaller than that let's go excuse let's go here yeah yeah there you go and then that way we've got like two that we could add on the back or something if I really want to tiny porch you know what no I don't like I'm gonna make the porch like this yeah we're okay I'm getting crazy here but but but but there we go but but there's got to be a better way of doing this and there is Kelsey all right you could just do this look at that huh okay okay cute it's yeah very cute little baby porch in front of our tiny home it's gonna get more personality don't you worry about it yeah so okay what is next for our tiny home well we're doing this ulani vibe so I'm assuming we're gonna want should we just do the Suwanee pack should we try to make it a very like beachy home I kind of um vibe in like a beachy vibe you know like a beautiful beachfront property maybe like some nice warm wood you obviously want this to be entirely Windows because there's no sunlight coming in thank you for telling me I'm doing an amazing sweetie Laura I really appreciate your confidence Salani only sounds super great okay love that for us who's got a little speed or that's cute alright so yeah we're obviously gonna do this beautiful little like front vibe love that for us so let's do some Windu's all the windows are so cute look at these two Milani windows they could be like that what they could be like that could be even bigger but I kind of like these ones they're very cute or like these ones are cute too maybe we'll do the warmer yeah and then we can oh my gosh don't worry that was so scary I'm still learning you can line them up with the top of the doorframe here that's like cute I don't hate it yet I don't hate it yet okay right now it's just a square it's quite boring isn't it hmm how do we make it give more can we put baby Yoda inside we can do whatever you want darlings it's our house our house in the middle of our street I mean we could put these guys here for like lots of Sun just get that lots of Sun look you know we just need this whole house to have windows it's gonna be hot during the day can you imagine it's like oh no so funny thank ya like here actually let's move them move this guy in a little bit there you go cute I actually don't hate this so far so good everything matches because it's salami our house in the middle of the sea our house it's so square and tiny our house a long time thank you so much for the 12-month streak I'm excited for how this build will turn out – oh my gosh Pete Pete oh happy birthday I'm glad that you're turning 21 have like a little get a little beer and then turn it green they'll be so cute oh I'm like a vibin I think don't hate this but I kinda feel like this one theater right this is like the warmer tones I don't like the red maybe like the blue blues kind of cute and then we'll do like a little stair a little salami stair right here cute I mean how cute is this home already oh my goodness it's just very cute I kind of want like this to go back oh wait that's kind of cool oh I don't hate that at all that's cool dude oh look we made our house even more like artsy look at us go here you go oh wow look at her little house Eve eye she's so cute so dynamic thank you yes all right we should probably put like a roof on oh we got to put a roof on you got to put a roof on it maybe like one of these guys is this crazy are we crazy mm-hmm I love being crazy she crazy she crazy sometimes I'm great say I don't know if this is gonna work out but we could try I'm just gonna like see what it looks like it's starting to look so weird but like trust me guys like trust me okay so bad all right this is my home you love it right you love it all right now we bring it down no it really doesn't work that's okay that's okay that's okay that's okay that's okay we you know we sometimes you try something and it doesn't work out like that's life you know but like a six-sided one no okay what about this guy I mean what is this weird music that's happening here like I hate it like stop though like what is wrong with you music game music is like I'm just gonna do whatever I want I'm trying to do something like fun with roofing you know I never do anything fun with the roofs but it's really not working out for me I don't think why is this so spooky right now I don't know it's like yeah this is stupid you guys get what I'm like going for though right like if this could just like line up better like I wish it just with that but then that corners there do you know what I mean you guys get it hold on what if I did this no it doesn't do anything sure that's okay no I can't do it all the rooms are so hard why did I just go you know what I'm gonna go in with the rooms like no Kelsey don't go in there with the roofs save yourself Kelsey oh my goodness okay okay I mean that's so boring I hate it I don't like this okay I do like these just like side roof vibes or it's just like I'm not like obviously not that big but like one of these guys I always love these guys but then you don't get the cool vibe of like these sticking out more than the other things are Emily Louise thank you so much for the 8-month oh is no roof we could just do no roof but then what's on the top because I like I like this I like this the like Island living roofs like I want one of these ones okay we could make it a circular home I could put a little garden on the top that's so cute hmm oh I could I could just use these guys how do I just put that on yeah I don't want to remove the ceiling don't be crazy I could put a lounger on top I don't know if that's allowed in the tiny living fences around and make it a balcony is that allowed in tiny living I'd have to make it a room and therefore and be more tiles I'm pretty sure unfortunately so to be a tiny house and we can't do that so let's just do put like little guys right here no okay I'm gonna do I'm gonna do one of these rooms something really simple make this little short cool short baby roof feel a little bit taller than that there you go and then I'm gonna put these little guys right here this would this feels more like sim vibes right remember when it was like spooky and we're like why and now it's like Oh some vibes cute that's what we want that's what we need mmm-hmm why are the roofs why do the roofs suck why did the roots up 2020 what why do the roof suck 2020 this is the hardest part about building is doing a roof why did I go why did I decide to go roof right now you know I could have done anything else besides going roof okay let's put on well just you know what I'll just go and this will just be Inlet and it'll be cute all right and now we're gonna put the roofing top on we're gonna do back to the only island living oh that one's cute I kind of like this one go through like a little green roof how cute little black roof I'm gonna do a little thatched thatched guy right now no I want the darker thatched guy okay we're gonna do that for now all right back to not the roof because not the roof is way more fun than the roof oh no there's no new outdoor living okay no there is the needful read natural curve Seafarer oh that one's cute let's try like a warmer oh that's cute look at our beautiful home buddies I'll admit it is a little boring in terms of shape but I did something with the front you know so could be worse right it could be like think about how much worse it could be it could be a lot worse can I not put that on joy can I only put that inside can I put it inside oh I have to make it a taller building I see would you guys live in my quarantine home dream quarantine my dream quarantine home looking like a perfect quarantine home tiny of course we're gonna add greenery maybe we should add that last we'll do that as like the final last touches so now we're gonna dive into into the home all right so we need to like format like what's what I think that we're actually gonna just make most of this all one room I think that normally is like the easiest but we do need a little bit baby bathroom back here so hmm that's not gonna work with this with this we can't do that there no we could do like it can we do like an outhouse they don't have like plumbing how do we do this they don't have plumbing is there like an out okay this is like an outhouse but like I want like a more chill-out house right like we want hmm is there this is some more chill I'm gonna do outhouse is that a thing no it's not a thing in the sims off-the-grid items off the grid okay okay huh off the grid um [Music] that's not off the grid I don't think these are off-the-grid items I'm not gonna lie to you in toilets are these old things that work and off the grid you could just put the bush I can pee in the sea okay they can pee in the sea so really this is gonna be much easier than I thought oh my gosh build an outhouse or get a bush for it let's get a bush for it let's get a bush anything-goes party bush are in the nature calls party bush nature calls that's a nice Bowl nature I'm gonna just push the bush we're gonna go I guess it's just that the party Bush isn't it okay well here you go the duty calls the duty calls bush or the party bush party bush has hearts duty calls does not have hearts both don't look like they vibe with my vibe there are toilets that work off the grid okay good to know well maybe we'll like hold this back vibe in a little okay hear me out I'll do that I don't hate them actually I was gonna push them back but like actually it's kind of cute and then we have like a lot more to make a little outhouse back here and that'd be so funny so let's do like a little outhouse just for fun Zoe's a fun like just a fun outhouse like you know this is our fun little outhouse my little outhouse my little outhouse it's great look this is our fun little outhouse five we can move it – we're gonna make make it to the back so you feel like hike I don't want to hoof it to the outhouse maybe that's kind of done she put the outhouse like connected though I just put it here what's that Brandon okay we'll just put the outhouse here because it's funny maybe here do you have a good birthday Brandon Brandon's the friend that I said it was his birthday yesterday oh my God look at our little outhouse it's so funny won't do a little sue Lani door obvi hub they not discover University get out this is this this is the outhouse door for the outhouse in although I'm cute this one matches our other stuff so I'm gonna go with that and then obviously the house needs a funny roof because that makes me laugh and things that make me laugh are things that we are doing in in this land we got we're gonna put it there and then we're gonna put a roof on it roof on it oh wait we can do a little fringy roof wait go back I want a fringy that's so cute oh it makes a French only that one – SIOC this one's the thick fringe I want it thick Oh looks so good gotta put a roof on it if you like it then you should've put a roof on it if you like it then shoot put a roof on it oh oh oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa if you like then should put a roof on it if you like it then shoe – put a roof on it that's a dumb roof I kind of hate it wait what I didn't mean to do that I mentioned just undo the roof no roof dude we'll do one of these again Kelsey only does modern roofs cuz it's the easiest love a song this house is our houses ideal right that's what I was just thinking it's just so ideal we're making our our dream quarantine spot you know as you do and obviously dream quarantine is is included a little outhouse out the back oh oh my gosh look how dumb it is I love it on the secluded a beach oh yeah there's no one around no one can even get to you it's the dream for quarantine the house is so cute I kind of like it okay so maybe an outhouse so actually this is all gonna be one spot there's gonna be no doors only windows in here all right let's put on the island to living and then we're gonna see no Discovery University we're gonna see what we like we could do like a totally stone interior that's kind of cool that could be kind of cool in the in the outhouse it's like oh it's all built of stone but then that's weird because the outsides not build with stone so we could just do outhouse the same inside out houses outside our house when it comes to the that makes the most sense we could also do the same interior in here we could do some little curvy oh these are kind of pretty actually it's like wood oh pretty it's weird cuz we can't add any lights I need to do this during like afternoon there you go it's still not that bright in here even though there's like a million friggin [Music] wait the lights coming in this way where's the Sun I need to figure this out which way should my house fit you know what my house is facing the ocean that's obvious okay although we don't have to we can change these since although I kind of like them but there we go you can add more light here [Music] I mean dude we like having the little ones out the back I think I like the little ones out the back because that's also probably gonna be where like the kitchen is yeah okay yes okay so now we're going to do a cute little we got a pic flooring pic for you filter again Island living ooh there's two options so we could go for a lighter wood floor because we have a medium wall and we can't just do the same because it would all blend together so we neither need to do like a darker or a lighter floor right now I'm kind of vibing lighter but hold up the darker is is callin to me it's going hey Kelsey I kind of look good you know look at that I'm kind of vibe them with the darker because it matches these accents out here I think we're gonna go darker on this guy boom boom there it goes although should the outside be a different no that also should be the same as the inside okay yeah the darker is nice okay we're gonna put the darker in here – there you go fab maybe we need like a little like window in the back here there yeah great great so it gets like a little like okay sweet okay so now we can start building what the homes gonna look like let's do let's go into like kind of all the stuff I want to see every single Island living option here that we got Oh BB q oh hey we can make some barbecues outside litt cuz we don't have is there like off the grid option cuz we don't have electricity alright well you know you're living off the grid it's your dream you know experience when it comes to well we started with some blue out here so it could be nice to keep the blue going or we could go in some orange and like changed we could also change this the coloring here for these out ones I forgot to paint above the door Oh weird I thought it would have already done it what a good eye you have for detail okay don't forget the fire guard no ones are gonna live in this home this is just being built use it for barbecue grill exactly exactly so here we are we're filtering we can also put a bonfire outside good to know ooh we should put some loungy chairs out here Oh actually you know what this is my dream we're gonna have a boat because it's my dream but I want this boat why is this boat look so like different [Music] oh this is glitching cuz that boat looks like that boat which is wrong but you know what wait what no matter what we kind of keep getting the same boat okay no no that one's nice can I like change the okay here we go wait that one's like rainbows how cute is that one okay we're gonna get the rainbow boat because that's a vibe good boat I'm a I'm a boat it to be honest okay yeah diggin it alright ooh we get some like nice little curtains we got like you know you want to put up your curtains you don't want to everyone to see in you won't you know you want some privacy in in your in your little island abode here because like you know your your quarantine do you don't want other people seeing in all from everywhere okay what else do we want here what other things are out here we've got like a little curtain here I mean we could do a curtain but I kind of liked this these cute little guys we're gonna do this one like a little petite one oh it comes in a pink how cute oh I like that actually you look at this one oh that's cute okay I kind of like this better because it's like this cool we don't need all of them though yeah cute yeah I like that better because it's got that um ombre pink and I'm just thrilled to bits about the ombre pink rosy pH thank you so much for eight minutes ago having a subscription for 12 whole months those fibs ville thank you so much for serving with the tier 1 sub and Longton thank you so much for a year as well thank you guys all for subbing and giving bits and everything happy st.

Patrick's Day to everybody who's celebrating make sure to celebrate safe and inside quarantine baby all right whoo look at these pretty little guys is there like another one that oh oh you walk-in rug boom boom I don't know why I don't know where I'm going with these colors to be honest because like like this was like oh that was like a weird color choice on my behalf okay here we go ooh pink it pinks and oranges I'm kind of vibin ooh that was an accent I'm kind of vibing a pinks and oranges situation I think that if this were my you know dream home oh wait we undid the floor for some reason must be applied to floor do we now have a floor excuse me when did we lose the floor who who deleted this floor it was me I deleted this for okay go back to this though I'm liking the pinks and oranges where to go here it is yeah yeah yeah okay and then I oh I have to change this little door over here oh that's too much pinks and oranges this this musics really doing a number I don't know why it's doing such a number but it's it's doing it hmm just like a simple door that doesn't match does it [Music] you do like a lighter door hmm I don't love any of these but the blue one do the dark we're doing no I'm gonna keep the blue one it's cute it doesn't have to match this is the magical I work in a restaurant industry I'm so jealous I'm sorry to hear that my heart goes out to you and I hope that everything works out I know it will but I know it's really hard right now my heart goes out to everybody who's affected by the situation but that's why we're here we're here to escape right so this is our escape so we don't have to worry about it we could talk about it all we want later but for right now we're in the seams okay so okay we got it you know Kelsey needs to make a choice in The Sims 4 that's the real game Kelsey makes a choice in The Sims 4 all right so I guess we need a kitchen can we have a kitchen if we're off the grid we don't have any electricity I'm a little confused about what this all entails oh look at this little blue kitchen we get to make it like a light kitchen this is gonna be difficult because like everything's wood toned maybe I should change up the walls even though I like them it's like gonna be kind of hard to make it all work together if it's all you know wood where's my lovely little Pink's and stuff hmm oh it's true how would we cut the veggies without a kitchen okay you're right we do need to catch on um like the blue I think the blue is like really fun you know but then I don't think it matches then we have to go backwards we're gonna keep like adjusting I'm like you know what I liked this and you know what no we're going with blue now blue is the vibe where we do white of these so that it matches better yeah wait which one should I have yeah that one okay and then we're gonna go back to these and go back to the blue let's go back back to the beginning wait why didn't it go all the way in there you go oh it's cuz that oh yeah we don't want that there you go [Music] okay cool there's off on and off the grid things I'll say in the description of the items okay cool good to know alright so now I'm feeling like wall wise we might actually want to try something else but there is only these options and walls isn't there I mean we could do this but in a different color do more like old like a neutral but that's like not fun is that you did that already you could do this no why would you do that Kelsey don't be ridiculous oh we could do it like a color just make the whole thing blue it is a fun escape but uh yeah I like it okay I just don't love all of this together but we'll continue continue on let me let me see it in different colors okay that's not bad actually this is little better isn't it okay Oh Oh totally light color that's kind of nice actually I don't hate it is it weird that I don't hate it okay so the kitchens over here I think this will be we need to make the kitchen obviously a little smaller um and then over here might be like the obviously you're gonna want your bed kind of facing out this way so let's go look at the beds Island living I mean this is obviously the bed right this is music okay No okay wait I'm gonna put all the beds outside and I'm gonna look at them in the Sun all right so there's this there's this BAM there's like a bit a baby bed but you know we're we're escaping the world we want like the big deal so I don't want these and then we're gonna look at these cute little bright shiny oh these are cute though I do I'm vibing I'm vibing that hard let's see what else is going on well it's very princessy we like a princess moment I mean that one's cute hmm this one matches are like like this but then this one is blue and fun decisions decisions I think I might go with this one though because this matches our our vibes out up there we're gonna tuck it up here which means that maybe we should move yeah move that over y'all y'all skull see oh that's nice cuz another window was like right perfectly aligned with the bed and the bed can look out onto the ocean cute you know okay well this isn't your house this is my house oh you know right bag do you all right uh-huh oh look at all this stuff oh look at this little shelf Oh cute and all this stuff we've got oh here's a functional off-the-grid okay we got a shower guys we've got a shower this is not a drill there is a shower and it will work off the grid off the grid shower we will do it here yeah do it there okay we got it off the grid shower oh but we could have an off the grid BAM no we couldn't this also works off the grid it's a nature sync nature c-cool I guess the nature sync will be here wait hold it oh yeah yeah nature sync under the window cute cuz its nature so you don't need to know what you look like nobody cares do this that's cute put it in the maybe not it it's like kind of falling out of the door that's cute we'll keep that we'll keep it off the shower actually looks pretty cool I know it looks kind of like fancy it looks like way too cool for us like what where's the toilet that's off the grid or do you just not use a toilet off the grid off the grid it's like where we know where we go we don't need toilets but that is what I'm getting from this I really don't see any toilets here what about let's just do plumbing there's only this I mean I could just put this outside which is quite funny too but I thought we could make our own let's make our own toilet there are no toilets there sinks and showers you know what it's fine we're quarantine in style this is this is us baby tick we could take off Island living but the challenge is to only use item live islet Island living as much as possible so that's what we're doing right now electronics let's go okay let's go in here yeah the kitchen let's go – oh there's no there's no island living refrigerator so let's go would any of these work off the grid I don't think a refrigerator works off the grid no fridge for us what about any of these functional off-the-grid great okay great well you have a stove make a little green one cutes oh that's cute but I don't want it I don't want it like up against the wall there I want this maybe I like up like a salon we'll put it here that's cute cute cute cute the ocean is our nature toilet you I can get a cooler okay I might get a cooler than all right and then we might need did these work anything of these work off the grid no it's okay we don't need it we don't need you sir we could do like a little a cute little um like do like little bar here no I think that's gonna take up too much space we'll just do a little um we need a little trash can oh there's like a cute little blue oh it's big it's a big trash can we're gonna put this out back maybe yep yeah okay we're gonna put it by the by the outhouse that house gets its trash can next door here it is outhouse trash can so they have to go outside to do the trash we don't we don't want trash inside and then sink we could just have a sink in here it's that weird it is a little weird do they need a sink I guess to wash the dishes they might let's see about these other sinks I don't know if the rest of these will work oh it works off the grid okay but like what about any of these like inside cigs don't work off the grid great okay well they'll have to clean their dishes elsewhere it's fine this is more difficult this is more challenging than I was expecting I'm excited about the challenge but also terrified let's put a little oh wait we can't do an alarm because we're off the grid are we gonna have a pet off the grid well obviously if Chuy's coming with me Oh trees behind me right now chewy will need somewhere to eat off the grid so he's coming to you know obviously our our Haven includes a pet so yeah we're gonna want like maybe a little dog bed cuz it's off the grid you know I'll do like a little blue one right here oh my gosh excuse you Kelsey all right there it is maybe we'll do it like the corner up here yeah the dog was gonna have the cutest little little bed up there with a great view yeah take all your dogs into into this okay great so the dog stuffs there is there anything else we need to like make food I guess a cooler right cooler for a cooler okay portable cooler is there like a cuter vibe we're just gonna have a cooler for our food I mean I guess if you have to it has to be done it's not the cutest look right like here's my new kitchen and there's my cooler actually the kiddie one is like kind of cuter than the other one isn't it this is a sick Airbnb thanks France I mean maybe I'll put the bowl over by the bed make it like a little dog area over here there you go and then the cooler is gonna go over here yeah everything you need to survive it's fine okay cool so next we're gonna do bedroom stuff Island living we've got a little side table here that's cute okay we're gonna have a little side table actually you don't like that one as much as I like this one this oh that one's bigger though boo Boop good to Google gonna go back I'm gonna go back oh oh wait is this a candle will this work off-the-grid functional off-the-grid oh it's a little Bowl how cute I don't know what it does but it's cute so I'm gonna put it over there functional oh we got a little candle oh my gosh now it's starting to look a very fun ooh old-fashioned bonfire we definitely want that more right we want the bonfire more than this although the grill is gonna grill food so we'll put this out the back like you don't see it but then you can smell from the kitchen the bun you know the grill happening but then the bonfires like over here like that's parts for like enjoyment purposes okay ooh none of these lights will work cut like a little you have little torches well the torches work they will they'll work off the grid that's cute oh they won't work in there though because they're too close to the lake to the oceans or maybe they'll work right there I'm like little blue or pink that one's blue or pink let's see what all the color options are on this guy oh that one's cute that one's kind of cute too I kind of like this pink one Kelsey likes pink nothing is new everything is just that you thought it was I mean I don't know oh you know I will put it out in front of the UM yeah because I get night yeah it'll glow so you can know where the bathroom is that's cute as heck that's heck and cute can I put these on here oh okay I can put them on here that's kind of cute all right let's do it I was gonna put something else like kind of here but that's okay it's good to have light you know or or we can do these guys in front of here but like I was kind of hoping for a more greenery although these are a little too cutesy aren't they they're kind of like not not feeling them you'll put hmm do we need lights maybe we don't need lights maybe I'm crazy these are too cutesy I like them dark brown yeah all right yeah yeah yeah yeah I'll put it here I'll be like this was where the toilet is all right I can't put BB move objects on I wasn't doing it originally because I wanted it to be workable but like it's dope oh my goodness I like pressed all the wrong buttons there okay there we go oh okay do we need a little dresser to like you know we we are in quarantine but we also want to look fabulous you know why I'm gonna wait on the dresser because we need to be doing the living room area that is what needs to truly be next or like a little dining room area you'd be dining room next oh there's like outdoor stuff we could do a grill oh I'm getting ahead of myself okay let's get a little dining table actually let's dine outside that's pretty cute if we like had our little dining area outside let's see what this all looks like in the daytime in the date afternoon okay hmm okay I like this medium one as usual I'm gonna put it outside so we're like okay wait should we just like maybe put a door here and then so you can walk outside and like dine outside that sounds fabulous this is a quarantine build I don't know why it took you so long but welcome we've all been here thanks for joining us all right let's get a like a little door out here a little slight heed or maybe or a little side heed or or it's just an archway like whatever you just walk outside we're half outside at this point a little this guy out the side what is this music that's happening I don't hate it but I don't love it this doesn't look this doesn't match does it I kind of vibe the archway it's like whatever dude it's my it's my home our tiny house just like has an archway so like half of the house is kind of outside it's fine let the bugs in I don't care bugs don't bother me humans do all right um get more of like a dark wood okay that would or that would really I like the neutral cool archway with a curtain oh very nice yeah maybe add a little curtain on it you're not wrong what's that a little curtain on this guy don't do one of these yeah two of these guys on the sides like we did on this side we'll put these on the side okay come here there you go nice little curtain vibes on the side and then here you are you're at the table the bottom may be the bonfire should be on to this side then cuz this is gonna be this is gonna be like outdoor dining and that'll be like party time over there bugs and vampires can get in exactly those are our two friends those are the ones we don't care about this is spooky it's spooky how well this build is going okay we're gonna have I actually you know what it's gonna have one all right yeah that's gonna have one chair but we need a little texture on it you know we need a little pizzazz a week whoa how cute ooh you could do like oh my gosh how cool we could do this off the side wait that's Leigh let's like why not why not do that you gotta be in the shade oh heck yeah look at this house now look at this now he's cool man look at me I'm a builder look at me go okay yes this is amazing yes I like I'd have no choice but to stay on wait you know what what am i doing you put it on this side so you can see watch the ocean yeah that's that's great that's just simply awesome we're gonna put it know I like it there yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah this is fabulous oh my gosh a tropical fruit basket don't mind if I do I'm gonna put it here oh yeah make it face you a little bit it'll make it face out so we can look at it Oh too cute where we could do this pavilion that one's a little too fancy I mean we fancy but we ain't that fancy you know I'm saying we could have a bar in the back whatever dude this is our jury maybe it will wait we'll wait to see if we want the bar oh but that's kind of cute anyway um and then a little mermaid treasure chest cool and then you got whatever this is what is this okay it's a thing oh and there's that and just why is this like a deck what is that cool all right pardek of the bonfire I mean it could be oh wait I didn't mean to do that but I did mean to adjust this because I realized it was too big there you go yeah this is looking cute as heck I'm loving our home ah end of the world chic okay great look at this okay so we have the outdoor area right here so now we get the cozy area inside we got to get like a couch I'm vibing a TV shenanigans situation we got to get the whole if you want to oh wait we could all have a TV for it you don't get a TV cozy ah cuz you're off the grid I keep forgetting about the off-the-grid part let's move beyond this one that one's kind of cute well where should the cow feed is here just like I'm gonna look at the ocean maybe we should do instead of a couch we should do like two chairs because the couch feels like a little big for what we can handle oh there's pink could do white little white chairs like a little conversation area no TV time for books oh my gosh you're right we could do a little book Nick over here well book Nick see some Bicks let's get some books baby where's my books I don't want that I want books Ernest no results found fine there's no island living bookshelf therefore we must make do oh that's cute I'm putting that up like how cute is that this is so cute little bug neck that's like actually one of my dreams so we're living the dream now actually I think we nailed it with the first one that's cute you should you're like a little baby rug over here we're gonna try to do only Island living so like this is like a little rug how cute how many times am I saying cute let me know in the chat oh it's kind of cute but too much too much too much too much but we could put one of these underneath the bed is this one the one or this one the one we do want like a comfy bed vibe you know mm-hmm no no no no no no no no I don't like any of them by about this one no I could put in the kitchen no I don't like I don't like them okay great so this is actually this is for one so this is the cozy nook we need we don't need any more no no I'm gonna put something here and what if it's me oh my gosh we could put an easel we're gonna like just really like embrace our artistic selves and we're gonna have an easel right here so actually we could have it on the porch so we can just like paint the ocean out here how cute okay that's great what else do we need in our home for quarantine I could make the rug bigger but at what cost I mean an acoustic guitar sounds cute little coup stick oku stuck beam all the little coup stick guy up here put a baby next to the where should put it that's my reading nook and that's my doggy area we could do a yoga mat I'm gonna put it there it's cute yoga mats defo outside vibes I'm feeling a yoga mat like well not next to the fire maybe up here link maybe over here yoga time maybe oh my gosh we should make a yoga like a Zen garden like right oh my gosh there's gonna be a Zen garden moment TBD Zen moment over here okay inside okay well we can't do we could do chess that's another thing that could be outside oh yeah obviously Zen garden needs this too little meditation moment here oh I could use one of those little dividers to separate the bed I like that idea very nice very nice ideas everybody okay see what else is here oh my god just swings that of course we're gonna get a swing set oh this is starting to look a little crazy though isn't it okay we're not doing a swing set right now although if you did do a swing set in the water they can swing in the water I'm just CERN like I'm just saying how cute is a swing set in the water it's pretty cute it's a little too in the water we got to pick our battles oh I love this plant this plant belongs in the home oh yeah like right here oh yeah this plant has great hair this plant could contend with my plant named Timothy Shalini who also has great hair both the plant and the person does this work has six bins oh look how cute hand-painted oh it's got little fishies that's cute okay we're getting very kitschy not that I hate it I don't hate a kitschy moment but you know um oh we could have some decor on the wall here this is the only place to put decor okay here we go here's the partition boy put up a partition Kelsey pull it up a pot two sham please yeah there you go let's see how we feel about the partition oh okay hmm oh that's like the color of the thing that I like but not the I think it's gotta be this one cuz it goes with the bed okay yeah yeah Oh Thank You Abby Evans I appreciate that Oh Oh cute that's kind of cool that's also kind of cool but that's even cooler look at that this is like your hangout puppy you vibe should I get another rug I just really invited a rug over here you know what we're gonna go rogue I know the scandal and I'm gonna use a rug that isn't from this pack I know that scandal because this one looks nice with it look at this look at this rug and we could do it in like a little like a little guy here we'll do a little moment like all the vibes that's nice it's so homey it makes the space it really does a good rug you know really makes the space dog much to do over here but it's fine I'm loving I love this Sims music sometimes nope Bert oh crates oh no we don't want that we don't want that either just look at a Rando decor you know just in case I want some more Rando decor but I feel like we have the most of the decorations all right so what should we do over here or should just be open space I mean it is kind of nice to like have it open you know but it would be kind of cute to have something else activities let's look back at like all the items in the pack and like think there is like a little desk we could do like a little table in here we could do a little table in here look at the walls around the dog area is everything okay oh okay you guys got an eye for detail that's what I say I said it I'd say it again there it is I think I need stairs to get outside like outside here you think it needs stairs I mean we could check double check Island living I think I used these ones before um do I really need stairs it's like one stair it looks the same no one step is okay okay that's what I thought too okay a camera maybe we could have a camera or should I just start just you know adding some plants and stuff a little desk Oh a little desk up against the divider could be cool I don't know what we'd put on the desk but sometimes you got it you know what in our quarantine you got to get some work done you know sometimes you got to go to school or go to work during your quarantine that's an important part you know so definitely we should include a desk for our quarantine chic location here I'm gonna go with the Redwood just because I'm starting to bring in a Redwood vibe from that and so I think that that might be a good call we're gonna grab the same chair from outside oh my goodness and bring it inside for the desk there you go it's a little Mixy matchy but you know what actually I think I want like a lighter chair there you go yeah that's nice or can we go even lighter we can but we shouldn't okay and then on here on the desk area what should we put on the desk because we can't do a computer Oh functional off-grid well we could do a tablet we could do a tablet so maybe we should do a tablet you know they can watch some stuff we're gonna do a tablet on there and then maybe like a little hmm-hmm Oh bubbles we should just do bubbles we're gonna have some bubbles outside because it's cute and fun thank you for enjoying I could put some stilts on some foundation you're not wrong I could do that it could be like higher up oh my gosh we could have a dartboard there's just so many fun activities and the sims for you to do get a fishbowl Oh baby fishy ball oh that's cute you'll have a friend another in quarantine great we're gonna have a double friend that's cute guys good idea if that is adorable oh I'm pretty happy with this maybe we'll do like a little rug in here to tie this area together what do like I mean I don't hate this rug but it is just so big what about the little one again where did the little one go let's go back to Island living here we go ooh this one's cute okay it wasn't that I hated it when it came on the floor Oh sometimes life is like that all that one's not bad I just don't love the swatches on this guy let's try a little a different little small rug maybe like a fuzzy a little fuzzy rug that's like too small though we want a bit of a statement we want it a little bit of a statement moment after the tablet dies it could be a mirror exactly you know what we don't have any mirrors in here who needs them oh maybe some people just let me want truly need a mirror just does anyone truly need a mirror let's put like one mirror and maybe let's just like check out the mirrors there's like these like standing mirror vibes and we could do one of these a mirror on the shack do we need a mirror but like everyday you're so beautiful we don't need to know in the outhouse we could do a mirror in the alehouse could I'd like a little mirror here as like storage a little storage mirror even though I'm supposed to technically suppose to be verb aller homemade wood mirror that could kind of look okay if it came down more I mean this one could work here if you don't mind like it kind of being in your bedroom right I mean that way you can check what you look like in the morning that's kind of nice isn't it I just need to like maybe we'll move that over there in the dog bowl okay I don't want to move that remove the floor lock it down Sam's alright I'll put the dog bowl mmm no I think I'll keep it back over here I think the dog will be able to have it probably and maybe we'll put the guitar over here so this is like oh thank you guys for complimenting my build okay so this is like the the bedroom area and the dog oh is there and then you move over to here and this is like your work area your little loungy booky vibes your kitchen and then your outdoor seating which is so cute I loved that we came up with outdoor seating makes me very happy I still feel like we might want to like a little rug over here and maybe like a little pop of of calor oh that's kind of cute I don't hate this rug yet there's no soap that's too big too big rug too big for rah oh no these rugs are too big these rugs need to cool it off I mean that one's kind of cute look at that I would totally live here too honestly so I'm glad that you also would like to live in my in my build here little slat rug that's weird we could do like a little Halfmoon ear ugh it's kind of cute hmm hmm I mean I don't hate I don't hate this oh my gosh I know hater look at it it's so natural it's very natural vibes which I love a natural vibe for this build me like no I think it should be like closer to the kitchen that's cute we like it we like it okay I think the insides d'accord oh you know what we might want like a little candle over here is there like a little wall hanging candle vibe that we could get you like kind of go in like a candle on the wall I just want to sconce let's look at lighting a wall wall light do any of these work if they don't it's okay cuz it would be nice if it was like above you while you're reading but you are reading by a window so I guess that's okay you know what you're reading by a window Sun will be your light it is fine there's a slot in the bookcase for Kate oh oh thank you so much friend okay okay let's find let's find which candle do we like let's find a little candle vibe I'm gonna do all and then filter through Island living okay no weenies need candle we'll just look at candle okay search for candle on do island living okay here we go I don't see a candle fitting on here oh there we go okay okay that one works is there another one that won't work that like doesn't look so not the vibe no okay well that one works so we're gonna try to make this look like it works maybe should we try balloon it's like turquoise that's guy cute all right I'll go with that yeah there's a little candle over here oh okay this is a sweet little build we Stan okay great so the indoor is finished in our little oh how dare you in our little build so let's kind of do some of the the like designing outdoor we want the outdoor vibes you know you know okay so it's tropical there we go Oh cute little hedges oh my gosh that's pretty cute but I don't want it to block to my wish it was like half the size you know can we do a half the size hedge no apparently not what I'm all want to see them all okay here's like oh that's really cute oh this one's huge but it's so pretty oh oh do we need it like a little we need some palm trees cuz this is our you know dream home here so we need some some fun palm tree vibes this is our our goal just put it like here put a little shade well Shady Lady we're shipping over here provide a little bit of shade on our guy here for outdoor smacko hmm look at that one well it's like pink are you are you telling me that in certain places there are frickin pink plants that's a beautiful buddy okay well this one's like fiery this one's like Here I am I'm short and I'm sick uh okay no no no okay so we're definitely gonna go a palm-tree i want to almost like do it's funny we could do like the criss cross a palm trees from look it's uh it's from in and out just kidding yeah okay I do I even do just the palm tree I do like the sick baby palm tree he's kind of cute alright we're gonna do a little thick baby palm tree with like a big bro palm tree up here or maybe back behind cute and then we'll do like a strong boy up here [Music] is that looking like a lot or looking like you a lot and cute mm-hmm yeah I kind of like it actually maybe we'll move these a little out and back okay make this guy like a little back there you go a little bit Oh yeah yeah sure move it on this side cuz it seems a little top-heavy over here all right this place is looking cute Caillou oh my gosh wait does it come in green I'm like oh yeah buddies look how cute well of course you're gonna want the cutest flowers in your and you're like tropical escape dude oh this is fab how do I make it look kind of like that maybe like this yeah that'll work and then I'll put this like fun tree vibe that's like pink oh yeah but we want it in the green I think yeah yeah yeah put it there yes yes yes right there yes y'all that's so cute [Music] there isn't off-the-grid toilet I did not see an off-the-grid toilet let me let me look again maybe we should do an off-the-grid toilet just guys all right let's see where oh this is functional an old-timey teak old-timey toilet functional off-the-grid all right we can do this we can make this toilet happen okay wait I'm gonna put this guy here now and put the toilet here there you go now that now the outhouse is fully equipped near Lou thank you so much for the nine months you can just also use the ocean yeah you know but here at your fantasy getaway home we want to give you all the options that you could ever want and desire okay what other things could we do I'm gonna like fill it in a little bit we could Oh fill it in fill it in fill it in fill it in fill it in get a little bit of greenery right there so cute and then maybe a little over here yeah so then I can go like over here no that's fine that looks like kind of cool it's like slightly you know changing and like little texture to it whoo oh my gosh oh wow yes I mean I want to do yoga like under the shade of a palm tree in front of the look at this could you imagine doing yoga just like thriving oh my gosh uh we need some more Zen vibes over here Zen mmm like where what would be is this Sun kidding more candles could be but like it is also on the beach torches torches could be Zen I almost some vibing it just being simply like here Cheers around the bonfire you we could put a single chair but this is a this is made for one so we won't add more than one chair but we could add a chair this is my that's my single chair for me in front of the bonfire in front of the ocean so this is either for you or for me right it's like for whoever ends up there paper bag lanterns that's cute let's do that Lantern that's not useful Lantern Lantern Oh cute we could do just like a like a cute little hmm are there paper bag lanterns oh here we go Oh chilly you tell him who's gonna mess with you chewing no one they'd be crazy to me could I just do that oh all that's kind of cute is it am I crazy for thinking that's cute I'm probably pretty crazy for thinking thank you mmm comes with LED lights does that mean we can use those off the grid oh these are pretty Oh we'll do these why not it's not that weird I'm so cute sure why not it's fine it's cute I don't care a little waterfall sort of thing what let's look at water see like what elements pop up oh yeah we just do one of these behind us that might be a little much but also we gonna have a slip and slide out the back we're like whatever actually we could have a pool but we have an ocean so I feel like maybe it's overkill what's this water Glyph oh yeah that's not what we want a what a water balloon bucket Oh waterfall shower oh that's cute oh if we really want it well we have like a fancier shower in the outhouse hmm I'm actually feeling like this might be close to being done what else do we need good luck on your exam lounge chairs or towels oh you're right cuz you need some time at the sea what am I thinking of course of course I wonder if we could do a dock or if that's gonna add to our our uh our like count here wait could I do like this yeah that adds to it all right we can't do a tiny dock we have a fishbowl Kitty girl thank you so much for your suggestion though it is inside whoo a hammock a hammock would be so cool we're definitely doing a hammock him how do you spell hammock hammock how do you spell hammock that's how I spelt it is there no hammock that's how I thought you spelled hammock there's no hammock is there really no hammock is there really no hammock to k-19 so sad why wouldn't there be a hammock uh yeah that makes sense though I mean we could put a tiki bar just go ham here's a little tiki bar oh we come onto tiki bar outside it was just like this is the party area you got tiki bar you're gonna grill your barbecue I don't know it looks but it's like fun to have it but then it doesn't look as like fun like it doesn't look as them cute I guess it looks a little cheesy with the tiki bar although you know what it's your tropical vacay so we're gonna put one out here we're gonna put out the tiki bar we're gonna put some a single chair stool we're gonna put a single stool in front of our tiki bar wait I don't want that only that where's our other stools here we go yes they're like a more Island II looking one yeah this one looks a little more Island II looking a little bit here we go here we go here we go yeah put it with the blue put it with the blue okay one stool no one else is invited with this bar it is just you ha ha ha ha I like that it looks like a cute little drum that's pretty cute all right and then we need obviously lounge chair I'm gonna do island living here we go okay outside we definitely need a lounge chair and a pretty color whoo I like this one Oh it's underneath the shade of the palm tree whoo yes Queen we stand maybe we need a little side table what you don't know nothing about no side tables okay um surfaces there we go oh here we are Oh there's like oh these are also here look at that for media we don't have media here not here nobody there you go and then on your little side table you need like a little like martini how do we get the martinis on here I want to do drink show all there is a thing where you can do like a little drink right drink tray that's what I want drink tray yeah that's exactly what I wanted you guys just know me we're gonna do a little drink tray right here so you can have your drinks I love it I would read so many books you're same look how pretty wait we need it like kind of how I wish I could just like slightly turn it like less than that you know oh wait I obviously want the drink to I need it a little bit closer yeah a little bit more in there a little bit here fab this is so dreamy you know what I actually want this a little further away from the let's put it here and then I want this to be like here yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah no even further didn't put this out here put the one chair back here I'm sitting having a party guys all right put it one over yeah here we go here we go I was like I don't want it that close to the house there you go okay that's better just a little floating in the water we we can give you a floaty my friend okay that's not I know there's like other stuff oh look at there's a little bike oh look at these little bucks but we're not looking for that we're looking for activities there you go miscellaneous activities and skills oh you got a water garden no kids allowed at this this is the thing apparently we're not letting any kids you know what I'm just gonna go to show all and then I'm gonna go back to island living that's probably the faster way to find nice floating floaties here we go who should we do a pizza pizzas pretty good or rainbow floaty rainbow pastel floaty Wow I you can put a swing in the in the water but I feel like it'll start kind of looking a little bit um what's the word for just like a little bit busy I guess Google suntan lotion don't forget your sunscreen down there okay we put our sunscreen here so you don't forget and then one of the things do we need anything bill diviner they put a little like Tiki stuff that's weird he got that we didn't put in like a way to change the clothes but I don't think you really need a I think we're okay without that a soccer ball to Professor Wilson okay why not we'll have a little Wilson as a joke we'll add it down here – it's a little touch Wilson showed up he he he too wants you to use sunscreen Oh Wilson's a volleyball you're right I totally forgot Oh what this this one's cute look this one kind of looks like Wilson ball rainbow soccer ball we'll pretend it's a volleyball does the dog the dog also needs allowed the dog will sit in the sand it'll love it don't like you know you don't want to make dogs not enjoy a good sandy paw oh wow these are this is very cute should we build a sim – to live here wait what does this say it's like no fishing oh no it's where the fishing is I feel like we should build a sim and have them move into this beautiful home Wow okay well we did it okay let's take a final lot treat maybe we'll do I want something nice for everybody maybe sunny or like a good natural light makes painting of photography much easier homey let's make up we can make it homey [Music] what do we want the vibe to be peace and quiet oh good call where's peace and quiet peace of what yes peace and quiet is perfect okay this is our Beauty let me give you a tour so welcome to our you know actually we'll give the tour when we move the person in I will save this to the gallery don't you worry you guys can all download it make a little old lady oh that's so cute I would love to wait it's like backwards is that weird should I have turned it you know what it's too late it's it's facing the ocean that was the correct way of doing it okay alright let's build like that's not what we want creating your household to move and sure oh we're gonna make a little old lady who's escaping her reality and this is her dream home with her and her and her dog oh I love this woman okay let's let's make her I want to make her a little more like diverse of an old lady feeling would be like maybe just like a warmer ooh so there's so many beautiful skin tones in the sims now and it makes me happy I like that one for sure be like let's let's work on her face a little bit ooh beautiful big lips lady ready to just just be like yes I'm going to I love her eyes already actually I love these glasses on her maybe like even more brow or like a kinder softer brow oh that one kind of looks friendly maybe like oh she's just Oh couldn't you just what's her name Stephanie oh my gosh thank you so much for giving and get that gift to Kitty girl Kitty girl welcome to the multi scribers we're gonna give her a little bit of smile so I want her to be like nice and warm maybe like a little bit more of like a overly face there's more round-faced there you go oh my gosh her name is corona no I'm gonna remove these glasses just for a sec but we're gonna put him back on cuz I want to adjust her eyes she's just got big beautiful eyes oh no I don't like her eyebrows her eyes yeah I like that better yep you know what it was already good why mess with a good thing okay maybe we'll make her have some sassy pink glasses cuz she's a cute lady Doris Loretta si si si si is quite cute as well what are what are your guys's like uh grandparents names do any of you have like a grandmother we could name her after that be kind cute oh but like let's give her some let's give her a funky lit like a fun lip she went like a bold Oh even Virginia Phyllis and Rose Beverly Francis these are beautiful names a Ruth Judy or Mary Dorcas Oh Gloria oh my gosh they're so beautiful Linda and Vicki would deep purple lip she's going I love a deep purple lip on her but she is going to the beach so maybe we'll just do glossy like a glossy pink lip she's going to the beach just a sassy glossy ooh maybe more of an event real it I'm not mad at this orange lip gonna be this darker one [Music] I want our eyes to just Sparkle you know like I don't know if I'm vibing with our eyes yeah I want them to you to look at them and go oh my gosh that's our girl you know right now it's like looking like a lot maybe it's the nose on I just sounded like such kind eyes [Music] all those are pretty sweet maybe still lips then oh that one's kind of nice they look a little small you want our big-lipped Queen to thrive Oh maybe adjust her nose maybe your nose is like too narrow oh that one's kind of nice oh I like that I like it less narrow it kind of helps her face a little bit I think give her some give her some like great fab glasses back she's like huh oh my gosh Daisy Oh Davey Daisy's a nice name for her oh she's my oh I love her oh my gosh she's totally gonna be a hippie okay pack let's go or not a pack we want fashion choice outfit category no material no style so boho all right let's look at all the best Bo how he looks oh oh my gosh Marcy Ingrid she could totally be an Ingrid Wow there are a lot of crop boho crops not as many boho you know looks for for our lady here oh this one's kind of cute I do love like a nice oh these are killed this one's so cute it's too warm though for her the environment she would never oh wait this one's fab oh this one actually makes me if it was a solo cut and so high cut two in the front I love this vibe though I wish there was one that was kind of like like that but not so this one's like closer oh grandma Maria she got the legs though look at those little legs heard a zine all on her pets named buttercup that's cute I'm not gonna lie I'm kind of sold with naming her Daisy I think it's pretty sweet okay let's look at maybe instead of let's let's pull out the boho cuz the boho is not working for us let's maybe look at fur so she wants to be a sweater hold whoa Daisy oh my gosh put some pants on this lady she might want some some shorts she's you know she's on the beach oh these ones got a little like they're kind of short but they got little like flowers on actually these are kind of cute this is just a whole thing I'll I love her her like weird little sparkle leggings that because this actually weirdly make me so happy that I kinda don't want to take a boy from her let's put like blouses maybe oh this one's pretty that one could be good that one could be good make it like a softer color it's pretty cute mm-hmm she says oh this one's nice they're like this one just a simple she gets a pink to match her glasses hmm should we do this one this little white one with the with the designs oh look at it in the pink that's pretty cute all right let's give her that let's give her like some some denim shorts it'd be a little bit longer of a short if it doesn't necessarily have to be or a little skirt could be fun yeah these ones are nice oh look at the red the Reds fun oh I love it in the yellow let's take off these Yas Queen we love a summery Queen I like she's just so fun I love this like let's look at the island living sandals oh yeah I knew there was some fun cute sandals in the island living pack let's look at the side view is there like a oh yeah little yellow ones or like some pinky ones mm-hmm so stay Zee I'm almost vibing with Doris now that I've said it a lot though I'm almost vibing Doris I think Doris should have I think her name is Doris how do you guys feel about Doris I'm v and Doris Doris okay what stores this last name I think that's we're gonna go yellow oh wait just you need like a little like I don't know well bracelet loom bracelet I know there's like these ones which are kind of cute Doris is a single lady she does not need a wedding ring hmm maybe she needs a little necklace or some some earrings or something I think she might need a necklace if she's like a little hippie lady she might need some stones you know Doris Pines Doris bloom Oh Doris bloom that's pretty cute Nick grumpy Doris land I think I like bloom how do you guys like bloom Doris Oh George this is like a big necklace of a dog or a cat oh she's like maybe oh look these Island living necklaces on door skittle shells oh she got a little heart a little heart necklace that's cute but I don't know if it's like hippy there's a little one with a little elephant on it that's kind of cute I don't hate the elephant I don't think it's so really super goes but I also think it's kind of like fun if it doesn't all go she's a little more eclectic you know she could also do like a brighter glasses like more fun primp I kind of like the ones that we started with yeah those ones are nice maybe we'll make it a different color than this soft pink though mm-hmm Doris says no she likes the pink frames doris bloom with let's get some earrings on Doris I feel like Doris would just like do it up when it comes to jewelry she just loves the statement piece all these ones are cute actually on her this is fun should we look at any other hairs for Doris I feel like we shouldn't because this is the best one yeah but also Doris Creighton braids Oh Doris slay me Doris oh my god Doris like some new Doris it's amazing everything Yas Doris just come through come through with your bad hair she should do her hair different all the time but I like the first one I think I like Doris having just big voluptuous hair big voluptuous odorous curly hair Oh Doris with that hair look at Doris with that hair oh my god there's just too many fab hairs for Doris I can't stand it I like the first one we're gonna go with the first one first and then we're gonna switch it around cuz I love the buns too okay there you go Doris is definitely gonna be here yes this is Doris every day let's do Doris this fancy where she's gonna go out on the town she's gonna like just be fancy lady Doris needs a look for when she's like really wanting to glam him up you know just really cause a scene oh yeah I feel like this is a hundred percent Doris oh yeah does wait in the purple the purple I was like the yellow looks so good on her I kind of love the yellow she's like a sunbeam of a human being can I love it well I'm living off of there but she wants a sandal she's not a you know she's not crazy she's gonna do a sandal and we're gonna do obviously we got to do her glasses we're gonna do like a big wears like a is there like a big earring she she likes big earrings this Doris she just loves a big statement earring moment those are cute and then we'll need her glasses back on her obvi she doesn't take her glasses off her form oh maybe it's just formal glasses looking and she like matches the glasses to the look I couldn't I cannot help but stand look ooh yes Doris come through oh my gosh okay that's fab okay athletic Doris needs she needs her hair back so let's let's go through these kind of quicker I think where is the one with the pigtails in the back in the back at the back in the back wait I needed to go back in here into the hair she like pulls her hair back for that for yeah for her workouts but then she also needs her glasses still wears those glasses that I like Oh take off oolitic rude they didn't have our glasses as an option okay and then we need her like a little outfit I think that she would go for like uh oh my gosh she's just like wear a tank she's a woman that's like on the beach oh that one's pretty I like the big patterns I feel like Doris would be a fun like I'm gonna wear bright colors and fun patterns kind of lady so that one's kind of fun even a no no you're not liking that Doris Torres is like Kelsey don't don't just give me ugly things just because I like patterns like you're not wrong Doris there you go give her a little will give her oh yeah cuz she's got you yoga whoo I love these these like little purple ones yes and we'll do no shoes because she's gonna be yoga queen beachy lady sleep Doris her sleepy time I'm vibin is there like a full body thing Doris can kind of oh yeah this is what I'm vibing this is what I'm vibing for Doris yes Queen party outfit hmm I mean our party Queen oh my god she could totally rock one of these guys kind of looks yes Doris come through oh my god of course she's gonna wear this I like the blue whoo I like that one I like this orange look okay this one looks very Oh that one's very okay this one looks more beachy but this one looks more bright I like both of these mmm bright colors do look fabulous and Doris Doris works a bright vibe I'm liking the orange one – thanks gang and she's gonna wear these like vibey heel actually you know what our Doris isn't crazy like I am she's not gonna wear crazy oh my god yes I love that they picked out the green in the purples okay now we need her glasses and we need oh let's do her fun glasses Doris is gonna pull out her fun look this glasses for this look and then she needs her like bagel earrings cause it's our Doris and that's how she do oh my god yes yes Doris and I think she needs like some some bracelets to give her oh yeah this is so fine I really make characters are just like such funny funky styles that it's like really fun for me to do those I almost think we need to fix these glasses to make them her fun ones her fun yes Queen yes this is what she needed yes girl yo I love them let's get her swimwear I actually kind of like oh my gosh Doris does this this is our queen or cuz she could do this guy but this would be so cute for Doris just be like yeah we're in coconut bra on vacation honey I'm on vacation honey I'm gonna wear my coconut bra it's so cute oh wait here we go here we go yes Doris I love this it's so cute and she needs some fun sunglasses to go at the coconut Rob let's do some really fun sunglasses yes wait yes the yellow are great and then she'll do like should she do like a fun hat cuz it is our Doris you know like she shouldn't be out in the Sun she would be protected with her big hat I mean she looks fabulous this looks like a a woman ready to vacay maybe she needs like another like a necklace to go with it just be like that might be too much Doris is like Kelsey do a green hat you're right you know what I'm like not doing Doris justice by like being going with muted colors she's a bigger go home person she'd pick a colored hat that's our Doris oh I don't like any of these big colored hats though yeah Doris doesn't like that either I didn't the green ones fine but it's not the Ritz oh that's the same color green why don't the greens match I wish there was a brighter color maybe that one should get a pink hat and then I can change the bottom color here maybe this one I don't hate that then we have to change these like coconut so probably actually I was kind of getting more fun I kind of like the purple flowers on the coconuts this one's pretty cute you liked the mismatched greens okay look we can do some mismatched green moment I think she'd like a mismatched green moment me double check on it yeah she fine then for hot weather are Doris I really vibed with that like like hot oh yeah I mean I need more pattern I need more bold there we go this is a moment oh oh yeah who she would also fight with that I'm liking this though no shoes let's do some fun Sunny's and some fun glasses as usual get her with her fun earrings get some fun Sunny's oh yeah we need a necklace on this one like a full on Doris like extravaganza with this necklace move oh yeah maybe she'll meet him she'll do her leg yeah she'll do it she'll do another move like that get some get some fun bangles on her wrists here oh okay you're okay Doris yes that's our Doris I think this Doris needs more bangles I think I didn't do it it up enough with the bangle movement yeah more bangs make more bangles more bangles to 2020 yeah that's fine okay hot weather boom Doris is a queen she beats ready cold weather Doris is still gonna be a queen but a cold queen ice queen I think Doris is gonna go fun sweater she's gonna go like fun funky vibes this is our oh yeah that one's really fun oh that one's cool Owen aces Doris what about hmm I think I'm gonna go this one for sure let's get some some some I feel like Doris would wear like yeah some lucky little yoga pants action and then she'd wear some like very warm boots some very warm lookin boots what looked like very thick and warm and just fuzzy like I'd imagine like an UGG adjacent boot but not an actual ugh she's she fancy lady was there like a fun color shoe oh here we go okay Jason well there's no fun colors and these eggs though so we will not she does not do a heel she's she is too you know I feel like at a certain point in my life I'm gonna go no I'm never doing a heel again and I'm gonna be I'm gonna be thrilled when I get to that point of my life I'm like yeah I never do heel then she gets maybe she'll have like a very fun when it's cold weather she is like a different glasses she does this for cold weather I'm kidding I'm kidding I'm kidding she'll do her normal classy classic glass ease and then but she's gotta do a hat a nice little oh yes Doris she gotta always have that Flair you know it's our Doris what can we say she's always gonna add that little bit up but it's gonna be a pattern one she can't not do a pattern one I like the polka dots this is fab way she needs gloves we can't let our Doris go out into the bitter cold without gloves don't be ridiculous we must protect Doris at all costs let's get like a fun glove I'm more fun wears like a pink glove like a pink okay yeah there you go there's our door wait no let's do a yellow so she like ties the yellow to the no no it's do pink pink gloves and there she goes our Doris is ready to take on the day all right so Doris bloom I think she's going to be she's gonna be uh her dream is to have the beach life she is a goofball maybe or I think she might be an art lover that could be good too she's she definitely be like um loving like the island like or she has a dog so I think she'll be a dog lover for sure Oh Doris could get a tat you're right Doris could have a dad was a good door as a tat for fun I think that sounds great let's give old little tat for Doris what what tats Doris gonna have well whoo that one's cool I'm not gonna lie that one's really sick but I feel like Doris would have like a cute tat like a cute little one that's like oh that's cute like oh like this flower yes Doris is a flower tat and then on one ankle she is like a little dolphin that's amazing oh we actually know she has two flowers she's awesome or I'm sure we have a little Sun I like the Sun the best all right she's got this flower in the Sun good last-minute call put doors and some tats yes Ted Ted up Doris all right now she she is going to do she's gonna be a loner she doesn't want to be around other people she loves it this way and she's gonna be a cheerful lady oh my gosh we stand okay and now we're gonna make a little pet for Doris we're gonna make her a little dog friend um what breed should this dog a little beagle who would love being in the water maybe like a I think she needs a smaller breed right like I think size-wise she needs like a smaller dog not a bigger dog a Pomeranian she needs like a fab dog but a dog that's like gonna like oh my god a puggle would be such a cute idea or like a pug in general I could totally see her with like a pug what's the Pekka knees I think a lot of fur might be too much right cuz they're gonna go to a hot place I don't think she's like gonna be like I'm gonna go we're so gonna belong where's the Pug I'm gonna look for a pug [Music] Tuggle a little poggle oh my gosh this is cute what about pug just a pug in general oh I like the pug oh I think she needs a pug okay this pug needs like the oh the pug is like cross-eyed oh it's like oh it's like this cute little dumb face on this pug oh no it's so cute look at this pug and what I want this pug to be like a little fat not that like she like overfed it but like also she kinda overfed it because she loves him so much and his name is definitely Herman Herman the pug he needs like a little a little collar um let's give him a little bit of clothing here I feel like she would give him something cute like this yeah Herman would have like a bright colored bow tie and then Herman the Pug is a couch potato he is playful an adventurous or loyal oh I bet he's so loyal oh this Herman give him a booty does he not have a booty I thought I thought he I already gave him I already made him really thick he's a thick boy yeah I made them pretty much as thick as you can make the talk they won't make they won't let me make this dog thicker all right so this is Herman and this is Doris of course his name is Herman bloom all right and they're going to move in [Music] I'm so happy for them I can't even handle this right now all right and I'm gonna do free real estate oh testing she's on free real estate on and then she and Herman are gonna move into their brand-new home and she's gonna be fabulous and she's gonna live her best life just uh off the grid okay and now here we go we're gonna go here and she is going to show us her brand-new home alright so this is our lovely Doris and she is gonna give us a little tour of her new home well she's already beaching it up where are you going Doris why can't you go here uh okay Doris is going in the side way which is fine a little concerned but it's cool so this is Doris house she's got a little reading nook her guitar she's got our kitchen where she can make all kinds of food she would need oh there's no fridge okay well we can fix that but anyway this is the home here's the bedroom there's the kitchen the like work area the reading nook her outdoor feast who's like the little outhouse her tiki bar for one her bonfire for one her beach drink area and of course Doris is already in her boat just arriving thank you guys so much for tuning into this stream I had so much fun and I will see you guys in the next one hey everybody thank you so much for watching this video make sure to hit that subscribe button and that notification bell and if you want to see more check out the rest of the videos on this channel [Music].

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