When I started Work-At-Home Success and working at home, there weren’t very many resources to find help, support and feedback. Although trial and error is an effective way to learn, it’s also the longest and most frustrating way. In the first decade of the 2000s, I joined a mastermind group, at the time called MomMasterminds, but since changed to SoloMasterminds. I’d known about the group for some time before joining, but wasn’t sure it was for me. Afterall, I already worked at home, I didn’t need to learn how to do that. But ultimately, I’m glad I invested the money into a mastermind group and here’s why you should too:

1. Shortens the learning curve. Everything, and I mean everything you want to know about building a business, especially one online, is there. You’ll find information, courses, tutorials and more done by people who’ve been making a living online since the late 1990′s

2. Reduces mistakes and frustrations. As I said, trial and error works, unless all those errors lead you to quit because you don’t think you can do it. A mastermind group not only teaches you what to do, but you’ve got a group of successful people at your beck and call to give you feedback and support to make necessary changes and adjustments as you build your business.

3. Get feedback. I’d already been successful working at home when I joined, but I still get a lot of help from the other members because “four eyes are better than two”. When something isn’t working or I’m not sure about it, I can post in the mastermind forum and ask for help. If my site has gone wonky, a tech person helps me figure out what’s wrong. If ad copy isn’t pulling, a copywriter tells me how to tweak it. If a site doesn’t look quite right, a web/graphic person suggests improvements.

4. Work for yourself, but not by yourself. Let’s face it, if you’re alone in your work-at-home venture, it can be very difficult. Nay-sayers and negative Nellies will pull you down. But not through a mastermind group. The members will cheer you on, celebrate your successes, and support you through disappointment.

5. Be accountable. How long and how many attempts have you made to work at home? How many times have you let your work-at-home dream slide by because you’re too busy or maybe too afraid? A mastermind group is a great way to make yourself accountable. Members will be there to support you and remind you of goals you made. They aren’t going to hunt you down and demand you work (unless you ask them to), but there is something about putting your goals out into the world that automatically make you more accountable.

6. Extend your network. Not only do you have supporters, but you’ll have people ready to share your business with their networks. Networking is one of the best ways to get clients, customers and traffic to your business. Members will know, like and trust you and be eager to share your business with their network.

7. Get resources. Along with learning resources, you’ll learn about other services and you need to build your business. Do you need a good graphic designer or virtual assistant? Odds are there is someone in the mastermind group who is one or knows one. Further, many group members offer discounts to other members.

8. Reach for more and better. I recently invested in a program to help me get more sponsors so I could have less advertising on WAHS. When I connected with the program developer and mentioned some of my ideas, she said, “Yes, and more.” Sometimes we limit ourselves, partly because we don’t know there’s more and partly because we think we can’t have more. A mastermind group will help you explore ideas and push you to reach greater heights.

9. No tire kickers. Have you ever joined a free forum or discussion group, but all that is posted is spam? This is one reason WAHS doesn’t have a forum anymore. Because it costs money to join a mastermind group, only people who are serious about working at home successfully join. That automatically heightens the level of interaction. You won’t get spammed or asked to join people’s programs.

10. More affordable than coaching. Getting one-on-one help is the ideal way to build your business, but it’s expensive. The next best option is to join a mastermind group, where you get the help from many successful entrepreneurs (many of whom are coaches) at a fraction of the cost.

There are a lot of mastermind groups out there and many are good. But you want to pick a group that you feel good about. I chose SoloMasterminds because I knew many of the members from around the web. Many have been on the WAHS podcast. I knew they knew what they were talking about and they’re down-to-earth. No one feels talked down to or dumb for asking questions.

The key to success in a mastermind group is to take your time, yet methodically work through the provided material and participate. In fact, for me, the forum has been the best part of the investment. You can ask questions, get feedback, share your disappointments and successes, get ideas, get resources, and so much more. Not participating in a mastermind group is like buying a book and not reading it. You won’t get what you need if you don’t use what you got.

I highly recommend mastermind groups, and of course SoloMasterminds. I’ve been in touch with head masterminder, Kelly McCausey who’s running a special deal. If you join right now, you can get:

147 A Video review of your site plus a 30 minute coaching call.

147 Total access to a powerful set of learning tools that will teach you what you need to know.

147 Access to a collective of successful solopreneurs who have achieved what you want and are willing to help you do the same.

147 Get feedback about your business, ask questions, find joint venture partners and feel a part of a community.

147 Stay a member for 12 months, and at the end of the year, you can enjoy LIFETIME FREE ACCESS.

One of the best things about SoloMasterminds is that it’s one of the most affordable groups you can join. Right now, it’s is less than $35 per month or if you pay one-time year membership, it comes to less than $29 per month…but it will be going up on Friday, June 20, so you’ll want to lock in your membership.

I know that $35 a month seems like a lot for some people, but how much are you willing to pay to finally have success working from home, doing what you want, when you want and how you want? Odds are you waste $35 per month on pizza and other non-essentials. Not only is this $35 an investment into your success, but it can be tax deductible. Think about it: for $1.16 a day, you can access to tons of material that will tell you exactly what to do and pick the brains of people who are making five and six-figure incomes from home!

I’ll be honest, I’m as stingy as people come. I don’t pay for ads or buy a lot of how-to programs. What I invest in are things I KNOW will help me make more money and Solo Masterminds has done just that. In the beginning I wasn’t sure it would be a good investment, but when I finally committed to learning from the other experts and participating in the forum, my hobby website called Work-At-Home Success grew into it’s own income stream, led to interviews in top magazines, and eventually got me a book deal! That’s that power of a mastermind.

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