You don’t have to have been born in the States to be swept up by the American Dream.

It’s a pretty attractive prospect for us Brits too. Only Australia attracts more people leaving behind Blighty, with about 20,000 people heading for a new life across the Pond.

Property is a big part of that life. The American property market is packed with top quality housing hotspots that can help you live the dream in real style.

So, if you have designs on following the 20,000 in heading to the US, where should you look to invest?


New York

The Big Apple is an obvious place to start and for good reason. Like London it’s a global city, with scores of international business headquarters with bases in and among the iconic sites to make it a strong contender for Brits heading abroad. If you can afford it, penthouse pads with a view of the skyline – preferably Central Park – are among the most sought-after addresses in the world, let alone the US. Browse New York’s properties here to get a feel for the quality on offer.


Everything is big in Texas, including the potential return for your money in the property market it seems. If you’ve got an eye on profits when you make the switch to the States then look here. The Real Estate Investment Market Index, produced by BiggerPockets, highlighted the best and worst cities in the US for investors and put Dallas top of the tree, predicting possible returns of 20 per cent by purchasing there. Texas has three cities in the top ten, making it a smart choice all round, especially if you are won over by the young, hip image of the booming capital of Austin.



The thriving tech city of Seattle should certainly be on your shortlist, with an economy and standard of living that makes for an attractive combination. It’s fast-growing and, as a result, Business Insider pinpoints it as one of the hottest markets in the States, with property price growth of more than five per cent. If famously rains a bit but you’re used to that, right?

Salt Lake City

Tech-sector growth is also helping Salt Lake City in Utah to thrive. The combination of a strong economy and a high proportion of young people in its population has seen it dubbed one of America’s ‘next boom towns’ by Forbes. This is also one of the friendlier places to establish some roots in the US, so you’re likely to settle well into your new life.


San Francisco

When you’re speaking of economic strength and quality of life you can’t ignore the Californian city of San Francisco. As the FT highlights, the hilltop neighbourhoods of Pacific Heights, Presidio Heights, Cow Hollow and Russian Hill offer the sort of high end luxury that is hard to resist, with unrivalled views over the Pacific Ocean and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge only adding to the wow factor.

With so many places to explore – and such quality in the market – it’s easy to see why the American Dream persists. Keep an eye out for places where this is value, star quality or both to get the most for your money.

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