If you were a gifted athlete intent on qualifying to compete in the Olympic Games, you probably wouldn’t even consider the possibility of not having a coach to champion your success. Why should striving to achieve great success in your business and your life be any different? A coach is a person who is trained to ask the right questions to get you to identify missing elements in these arenas. When these missing pieces are put in place, the result is a significant difference in your productivity, happiness, fulfillment and your ability to impact others. Coaches go way beyond training. Training is about conveying information. Coaching is about gaining access to areas we are otherwise blind to discovering about ourselves and our businesses. Coaches source breakthrough revelations by supporting us to explore the arena of what we don’t know that we don’t know. They champion our successes, our happiness and our visions. Skilled coaches claim our goals as their own and act as our partners to look with us to see what’s working optimally and find the results we are after that are missing and remain elusive to us. They listen to both what we say as well as to what is left unsaid. They do this by asking questions, exploring possibilities, making requests and, at times, confronting issues that may need to be examined.

The most effective coaches are familiar with and skilled in the arenas in which they offer coaching support. In network marketing, no matter how skilled a coach may be, if she has not built a successful organization herself, there are likely many success distinctions that she may be missing in this arena to properly guide your success and accomplishment. An ideal network marketing coach will have the ability to train in successful methodology when needed. He will also be well-versed in the art of how to maximize personal effectives since so much about enrollment success depends upon how well we are able to listen to what’s important to our prospects or missing in their lives, and then powerfully communicate the value inherent in our income opportunity.

For a coaching relationship to be most effective, you must be willing to look with your coach at whatever areas he suggests without becoming defensive or argumentative. Coaches typically do not have the answers themselves. Those being coached do. It is by knowing which questions to ask that coaches are able to best support their clients in examining areas that conceal breakthroughs in their understanding and more importantly in who they are as a possibility for others.

Coaching in the personal development arena can offer an access to unleashing one’s personal power and effectiveness. Of course, total confidentiality must exist to create the safety net necessary to be able to explore any topic without fear of judgment or reprisals. Personal development coaching might involve such areas as business productivity, enhancing relationships, achieving optimum health, creating wealth, or developing structures to champion personal effectiveness. True coaches are values-based and interact with those coached from a position of respect while at the same time operating from a commitment to rigor if that is what’s needed to support someone to “get it.” Effective coaches are committed to excellence and do not step over issues because of a desire to be liked or to avoid uncomfortable topics. They hold their clients as totally capable of achieving breakthrough success in any arena by listening for what may be missing that if put into place would fully honor the person’s goals and values. HBM

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