Texas is Proving to Be a Hotspot for Entrepreneurs

By David M. Smith

“You don’t have to have extravagant wealth or a degree from Harvard to make it; a successful business requires essentially the same thing for a successful life —perspective,” says veteran Texas businessman David M. Smith. In his book The Texas Spirit (2014; Halcyon Press, www.TheTexasSpiritBook.com), Smith reviews some common denominators for success.

• Aim at nothing and you always hit it. When you go after something, go full-throttle.

• You cannot win on the defensive in business or any other endeavor. Instead, think of counterattack.

• Work toward optimal employment for everyone in your company. Use the same approach in your personal relationships, too.

• Keep in mind Union Pacific’s motto: “Safety is my responsibility.” Safety should always rank high in your priorities.

• Organize projects, planning, and profit action with at least three people. Never make it more than five.

• People chemistry is more important than process chemistry. Have the right chemistry of people working together.

• Promote voluntary participation regarding medical benefits and thrift and savings plans. Put individuals in charge of their health and financial destiny. HBM  add: 1/15  hp: 1/5/15


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