The Try Guys Mystery Box Home-Cooking Challenge

(exciting trumpet music)- Hello, Internet, and welcome to “The Try Guys Mystery Box Challenge” with special guest, social distancing.

– Our partners have afew minutes to go through our kitchen and pick a few items that we, then, have to incorporate and highlight in a meal that we cook for them.

– Ariel has picked outa bunch of ingredients in this bag, I'm gonna open them up, and then I'm gonna haveone hour to make a dish.

– It's like “Chopped”, but it's definitely not.

(laughing) – We are all filming fromour cellphones at home, I really (beep) hatevlogging, why am I talking to no one in my hand, I needa stage, I need theater.

So I've spent about an hourfiguring out how to put up two cellphones in thekitchen so it looks like there's an actual crew here, but there really isn't.

I'm going (beep) crazy, it's all right.

There's very little production oversight, so we're filming this the way that we want to by ourselves, and then some editor is gonna put it togetherand see if it works.

– We're having fun, how are you doing, Wes? (Wes coughs) Good, good.

(energetic rock music) (exciting trumpet music)- That's right, all the Try Guys are at home, being responsible during this pandemic.

– Feel like we're all kindadoing this every single day.

Every day I come into thekitchen, and I look at what we have and I go, “Whatthe (beep) can I make?” – Becky, you're going to take this now, and you're gonna pick out somethings that I have to use, and I'm gonna go in the other room.

– I'm the star now.

– Okay, Maggie, I'm gonna, oh, sorry.

I didn't tell you I was filming.

– I know, it's okay.

– I'm gonna hand off the camera to you, you're gonna pick what I cook with.

– Let's go through the pantry.

Do I flip the camera, Zach, how do I do this? – Matt, Matt, come out on the stage, yay! – I made you a Campari spritz.

– Oh, thank you.

– Cheers.

– We're getting drunk.

– Who told you to dress like that? – You.

– That's right, because if you're driving a luxury vehicle, you gotta show it off.

– [Ariel] So my goal withthis is to give him things that are challenging but not inedible.

– So pantry-wise, let'ssee, we got: northern, green beans, cut greenbeans, diced green chiles.

– Could either give him fish sticks.

I could give him a vegan frozen thing.

– I guess I should justgive him something easy, so something like kimchi, thoseare flavors that he knows.

– But I've also included tuna and seaweed.

Knowing Ned, he is going tosee these and immediately think sushi, which Ithink will be a disaster.

– Made in Peru, hey, like my parents.

Let's give him a challenge item, so I'm gonna give him the green chiles.

– I know, we eat mostlyvegetarian at home, so I got some vegansausage, Eugene hates this, that's really gonna throw him for a loop.

– We could add some sweetness and toss an apple in oran almond chocolate bar.

– How would you describehow we cook at home? Do I cook well, how often do I cook? Am I the best boyfriend ever? – Eugene doesn't cook.

– You're usually the one who cooks.

– I'm always the one that cooks.

See, the pandemic is bringingout your domestic side, you were cleaning toilets, and now you're cooking.

– So you like the pandemic.

– No, I like who you are in the pandemic.

– Okay, so I am back, Becky's picked out my items, you're too short for this camera.

– Let's open up this mystery box.

I have no idea what youchose for me, Ariel.

– What would I make withthis, I have no idea.

– Okay, I'm gonna open my box.

Ready to see what's inside my box.

– Three, two, one! – What is this? – You can cook with that, I know you can.

– Okay, so one item is very bizarre.

The other two are normal, let's flip this around.

– Yay, you did this for me, huh? – Yes, because you're Koreanand you like kimchi every day.

– Yes, we have some cherry tomatoes, orzo, uh-oh, a whole green bean, raisins, nice.

(Wes squeals) Apricots, and cashews.

– Turkey bacon, okay, so I can make eggs.

Artichoke hearts, hey, it's from Peru like you.

– That's what I said (laughs), like me.

– Sweet potato, we haveto get rid of these.

We have been eating so much sweet potato.

– Potatoes, cheddar cheese.

– Cheese, everyone loves cheese.

Add it to anything, it tastes better.

– Sausage! – These are your favorite vegan sausages.

– No! – 'Cause I know you love these so much.

(beep) – I hate this vegan sausage.

– [Kieth] Two nice-sized salmon pieces.

A nice Kieth size, a nice Becky size.

What is this, oh, this isthe pickled ginger cabbage that's leftover fromTokyo Fried Chicken Co.

I do like that, that's actually pretty, I feel like those will gowell together just fine, but this, this milk chocolate, blech, with almonds.

I have no, what am I gonna do? Create a glaze, that sounds disgusting.

– Leftover bread, one apple, (laughs) my God, one zucchini.

(laughing) And sea salt, oh, no, and tuna fish, oh, no.

Oh, no, oh, no (laughs).

– Apple! – Diced green chiles, no, I didn't buy these.

– I like spicy, sohopefully, you can come up with something good, like sweet potato and green chiles sound very odd together.

So do artichokes, but you'll do great! – But see, it's Italian flavor, so you're gonna like it.

– 'Cause you're Italian.

– Yeah.

– Can you say something to the audience in Italian? (speaks in foreign language) Oh, that sounds romantic, what does that mean? – Yeah, so nice.

– What does it mean? – No, you'll have to look it up.

– Tell me what it means.

– They do this on cookingshows, but with like real chefs.

I have no idea.

– Raisins! – [Ariel] You want raisins, Wes? – You wanna eat the raisins, that would help me out a little bit, actually.

(Ariel laughs) – Okay, well, now, it'stime to start cooking.

I can still see you, Matt, you're like lurking in the background in this shot.

– I'm watching you.

– No, you can't watch me.

Go somewhere else.

– Watch you fail.

– Go screw with the dogs.

– Watch you fail.

– I'm not gonna fail, you'regonna love this, (beep) you.

– What the fart am I gon' make? – I don't like standingnext to Matt in frame.

I think these shirtlessapron looks was a bad idea.

He's too muscular, he made me look like a 11 year-old Asian girl.

– [Kieth] Okay, so I'm gonnafigure out a game plan here, and pick some other ingredientsand then get started, but first, I'm just gonna go ahead and start thawing these, 'cause they gotta thaw.

Okay, Becky, BeckyHabersberger (chuckles).

What are you doing? You have to wait.

– I need a snack.

– [Kieth] I'm making you dinner! – Okay, I actually have an idea.

Okay, I don't know if thisis cheating, but I have, in the past, made like aspinach artichoke dip sandwich.

So it's spinach artichoke, it's basically like a vegan grilled cheese where you doartichokes, and actually, I do think that this wouldgo really well with that.

And then, what if I likemake it like a spinach artichoke BLT where Iput the bacon with it? I think that would be really good.

Is what I'm saying making any sense? – [Kieth] My plan, here, I think is to make a little Asian salmonover rice sorta thing.

So I'm gonna cut up the carrot and get the carrot and the mushrooms and the cabbage to all sautetogether with the rice, so kinda making a friedrice situation there.

– Okay, orzo, I've neveractually made orzo, but it's still pasta, so I'mpretty sure you just boil it.

– Pasta! – That's easy, and I'll do something with like croutons or breadcrumbs.

– No! – No? – I feel like thepotatoes should be a base, and I do (beep) love potatoes, if you don't like potatoes, what the (beep) is wrong with you? – So I have been putting together a plan, and I have a couple of ideas, all right.

(popping) (chuckles) Wes is popping bubble wrap.

We got a package in themail today, and Wes has been popping bubble wrap; it's very exciting.

This seaweed has really got me thinking.

One of my other favorite foods is sushi.

(Wes laughs)So I'm gonna take some of my orzo and try and make it into like a sort of like, like Italian sushi rice.

– [Kieth] And the chocolate bar.

Maybe I could get the almondsout of the chocolate bar.

I guess I could meltdown the chocolate bar, take out the almonds, cut up the almonds.

And maybe I'll take like just a little, like a tiny bit of thechocolate and mix it with the ponzu and mixit with like some other, like soy sauce and stuff like that, see if I can't make a sweetand spicy glaze for the salmon.

And just use a little chocolate, so it's just getting alittle bit of that sweetness.

– And then, for the main course, Ariel doesn't eat red meat or pork, so hopefully, these willbe like savory Italian meatballs that she caneat because they're tuna.

That, to me, sounds like thegrossest part of the dish, 'cause tuna and peanut butteris like ew, but I don't know.

Maybe if there's enoughspices, it'll work out.

– I don't know what to dowith this, what if I do, can I make sweet potato fries? – [Maggie] Yeah, but they're already kind of mashed, I don'tknow how you'd do it.

– That's the plan, I'm making a sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries, and I'm gonna reformthe sweet potato fries, and I'm going to try and fry them.

– I know what I'm gonna do.

I immediately think when Isee kimchi one of my favorite Korean dishes is kimchi(speaks in foreign language), which is like a pancakethat they make with kimchi.

Maybe if I do a riffon that with potatoes, which is more the latke territory, more Zach's people's territory.

So we're getting a littlebit of Zach's people, little bit of my people, and a little bit of white people for Ned and Kieth, it'sthe perfect Try Guys dish.

– [Kieth] 'Kay, I got my station set up.

I'm gonna do some cuttingand stuff over here.

I've got the pan for the rice, I've got my double boiler.

Let's get that started like that.

That's gonna get this waternice and hot under there.

And then, we're gonna putthe chocolate in there, melt it down and try toget all the nuts out.

– Okay, so while my water is boiling, I'm going to startcreating the breadcrumbs.

– I'm gonna wash these bad boys.

You know while you're washing potatoes, wash your goddamn hands, babe.

– I will say making meatballs is one of my favorite things to do.

I've never tried making tuna meatballs, but I think Ariel might actually like it.

Wes, we're gonna make breadcrumbs.

So I'm putting the breadcrumbs, I'm putting the bread, and turning it into breadcrumbs, yeah, that's right, cover your ears, ready? – [Kieth] Oh, you cankinda see the almonds.

I've never looked at the under side of this kind of chocolate bar.

– Look at this: breadcrumbs.

Yum! – Look at this chocolate bar, we got, you can see where the almonds are.

We're gonna throw this in the boiler.

(haunting, dissonant music) What are olives doing in my refrigerator? – [Maggie] Olives are delicious, green olives are delicious! – Not going in my meal, thank you very much! (upbeat, funky music)- You know, people are a lot likeonions, they've got layers.

That's a Shrek reference.

– So my plan with the sweet potatoes, let's get a little weird, is I'm gonna try and mush them together.

Oh, shit, do we have all-purpose flour.

Okay, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna mush these together, and I'm gonna coat 'em in all-purpose flour, andI'm gonna try and fry them.

And if that doesn't work, then maybe I'll just make like little sweet potato latkes.

– [Maggie] I think you shouldmake the latkes for sure.

– You don't think thefrench fries are gonna work.

– (sighs) This is so stupid.

Ow, (beep) I cut myself, oh, well.

– You're telling me that Ican't just like (laughs).

– [Maggie] Zach, no, nota chance, not a chance.

– I really do not wantto great the onions, because that's gonna take for (beep) ever.

Kudos to all the Jewishchefs out there who are spending hours gratingpotatoes for latkes.

I did not know that was a thing.

– That looks like a french fry to me! – [Maggie] Do not dishonorthe sweet potato fries.

– I think that'll work! – Does that look too, hmm.

– [Keith] Okay, check thisout, we got chocolate.

Now, I didn't think thiswas gonna happen so fast.

It's almost all done, sowhat I'm gonna do is take just a little bit ofthis chocolate right here and put it into this little bowl, start mixing it with some other things.

– Trying to cut these nice and even.

I don't even know ifzucchini is very good raw.

– [Ariel] It's not.

– Doesn't taste good at all.

– [Keith] Better goahead and mix some other shit into it just so it doesn't solidify.

I'm gonna put this ponzu in here.

God, it's so hard to film and do this.

Okay, let's put this inhere, we're gonna add some soy sauce in here eventually, that smells crazy already, that's for sure, that's smells crazy.

– Step one, turkey bacon, complete.

We're just gonna take theselittle babies outta the hot tub, lay 'em gently on thepaper, and then we're gonna gently tuck them into bed, goodnight, turkey bacons.

– Potatoes and onions are done.

Now, it's telling me that Ineed to make a cheesecloth tourniquet and squeeze theliquid from the potato and onion, (beep) that, what the (beep) is the, oh.

Seems like we need to get the moisture out of this for the perfect latke.

This is a Korea meets Italy meets Jewish cuisine type situation, so I don't wanna do that.

It's gonna take for (beep) ever, but I also don't want my latkes to be wet.

Okay, we're gonna startwith the vegan mayo.

I'm gonna do about like a– (clattering) Oh, no! Okay, let's actuallystart with this jalapeno and see if this is what I think it is.

– Okay, the question isshould I add the kimchi to the mixture now or shouldI add it as a topping? I am thoroughly in the campof adding flavor in earlier.

I'm gonna take a good amount of kimchi, which I guess is basically just, you know, spiced pickled cabbage from Korea.

– How are you guys doing in your home? Have you been cooking anyexciting, weird things? Why don't you text us some of the stuff that you've been cooking athome at this number right, that one, that one right there, you know? Oh, 'kay, this isn'texactly what I expected.

Okay, so in here, oh, that'ssome serious chile action.

(clattering) Oh, my God! – [Keith] Oh, hell yeah, thisis great, they're totally out.

Hell yeah, okay, I did it, I'm a chef.

Look at that, look at that, guys, wow! – [Ned] This is my apple raisin mixture.

I'm gonna use that for my cocktail.

This is my boiling water, this is going to be my tomato mixture oncethe cocktail's done.

And now, it's time to add the orzo.

Okay, into the pot you go.

– [Keith] Chop these down, maybe put 'em into the rice or maybe just straighton top of the salmon.

Salmon is still thawing, that's a concern.

And this, I gotta, I don't even have, do I even have, do I evenhave like the regular spatula? Oh, this is a train wreck, don't look, don't look at this.

We're about to move, we're about to move.

My goal here is to makelike a nice creamy, rich, tomatoey sauce with some zucchini.

– [Ariel] Well, you're doing great.

– Thanks.

What do you think so far, hun? – [Ariel] I don't know what you're making, but I think it's gonnabe middling to good.

– (laughs) Middling to good.

– I will literally just eat eggs straight out of the shell, crack.

So this is what I have, I have the vegan sausage, I have the kimchi, I have the onion, and of course, the bottom, the potato.

– [Ned] Gonna add some sugar into my apple mixture, yum, it looks delicious.

(Wes shouts) Yeah, it's really good.

– Weird.

– [Ned] It's gonna be a little weird, but I think it's gonna be good at the end.

– So I think I need tomix this until I basically create some sort ofmoldable clumps, Jesus.

Oh, I'm so sorry, Matt, this is why I do not cook.

I think these need to create patties that are, then, gonna be fried up.

– Easy, simple, beautiful, flawless CoverGirl.

And now, we have a spicy mayo spread.

– I'm just gonna let you guyslisten to this for a second.

You like that, you likethat quarantine content? – Okay, so update, we havethe salmon, now, on this.

Now, we try not to usealuminum foil in this house, so I'm very nervous aboutthis, so I very, very, very lightly oiled the baking panthat's going in the broiler.

I'm hoping that I willbe able to get it all off in one swoop andnot (beep) up the skin.

I've got a little bit of garlic.

Thing with garlic, you reallydon't wanna cook it too fast.

It'll burn, it'll burn, baby, so you don't want that.

I feel pretty good, also, protip, clean as you go, baby.

Things take time, oftenyou're waiting around.

Why don't you clean something, keep that sink going? See, I've already made such a mess, but at least I cleaned up some of it.

– Almond butter, do youwanna try some almond butter.

– No.

– Oh, orzo's done.

Ooh, yeah, then you'resupposed to add this like, it's vinegar, I thinkit's vinegar and sugar.

– Artichoke hearts.

Oh, God.

– Oh, no, oh, my God.

Oh, no, my orzo sushi rice isn't sticky at all, there must be a reason why they do sushi rice and not orzo.

– (grunts) That's really on there.

Hey, Maggie, can you try and open this.

– I'll try using like this to create the latke pancake formand then fry 'em up.

Hopefully, they get golden, hopefully, they sizzle and pop.

And then, basically, 90% of the way there.

– [Maggie] Oh, my goodness.

– Oh, my God.

Oh, my God! – I guess I need moreorzo, I think the only answer is more orzo, we need more orzo! – [Maggie] Pro tip, if you can't open cans, use a kitchen glove.

– Oh, my God.

It's really on there.

Boo, you're so strong, I loosened it for you.

– A little nervous, 'cause I got a lotta things going on at once, and I don't wanna overcook the carrots, 'causeBecky doesn't like that.

I still think I'm gonna get the salmon mostly done before I put on the glaze.

I just worry about this chocolate-based glaze burning, but Ithink it's pretty good.

I'm gonna have, let's havea taste, let's have a taste.

– [Ned] Meatballs, ooh, okay, they're a little bit brown.

That's nice, all right, now, I just need to mix my meatballs into my sauceand then make my cocktail.

– Actually, that's delicious, ooh, and a little secret heat on the end, holy shit, chocolate's really good.

– I just found we have some secret truffle salt in the spice drawer, so I'm gonna put that in the pasta sauce, and maybe it'll give it thatextra little like (smacks).

– Does this look like food, does it look like food? It smells pretty (beep) good, though.

I'm not gonna lie, this is the most effort I've put into any food ever in my life.

– This is what everybody'sbroiler looks like right, just a confusing pan thatjust is abandoned there.

Oh, look, something's smokingfrom the last time I cooked.

Feeling good, feeling a little nervous, but mostly feeling good.

– [Ned] All right, we've got our green beans added to thetoasted nuts and almonds.

Of course, a little bit ofbutter never hurt no one.

– Oh, that doesn't look half bad.

I'm a chef, am I a chef? Am I a chef? – Artichoke hearts, this part's probably not that interesting, huh? So what else have you guysbeen up to, have you read any good books lately, maybecultivated a new hobby? I hope you're staying inside and taking this seriously, or else what the (beep) are the rest of us doing, stay inside! – All right, so these aremy fried Korean latkes.

And I'm going to go aheadjust to give them some extra time to cook, I'mgonna put them into the oven.

(humming) – My sushi orzo is stillreally just like, look at this, it is just slipping allaround, not congealing at all, so I'm putting some ofit on a paper towel, and I'm gonna try andsuck out all the moisture, and then maybe it'll be sticky.

I'm a little behind, I gotta catch up.

– I texted Keith a pictureof the sweet potato, and he's like, “What if you make fries?” and I'm like, well, they're already mushy.

He's like, “What if youmake latkes for Passover?” That's what I'm doing! – [Keith] It's been literallyminutes and the salmon is already getting there, so it's time to glaze.

Let's bring this badboy up and do this shit.

(Zach laughs) – It's perfect, just as my ancestors made eons ago, I, too, havemade the perfect latke.

– [Keith] Put it up here, quickly glaze, and then we turn it, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

– [Zach] I'm so sorry to all of our Jewish fans, I have let you down.

– [Eugene] Wow, look at that.

Those look beautiful, look at that.

– [Keith] I may have to dothis without the camera, or unless I can wedgeit into this (laughs).

I've just been wedging things, I can't.

No, it won't, no, it won't stay there.

Okay, it's not gonna staythere, okay, just wait.

– Okay, pretty mucheverything is in process.

It's now time for the final challenge.

That is to make my little sushi rolls.

As you may recall, I put apaper towel on the sushi rice to try and make itstickier, and let's see.

Well, it is stickier, it'ssticking to the paper towel.

– [Keith] Okay, I have thrown the glaze.

It's very thin, it'sthinner than I thought.

Spilled it, glaze, a lot of the glaze, has gotten onto the pan, okay, so a lot of glaze is next to the salmon, sowe'll see how that goes.

– Now, the real questionis will I successfully be able to get this stuff to stick? I'm gonna need a little water, all right.

Got a little tiny sushi roll thing.

I got some orzo, this isthe wackiest thing ever.

It is, it does feel stickiernow that it's all dry.

Oh, my God, is thisactually going to work? – [Zach] Are you eating a snack? – I'm hungry (laughs).

– 'Kay, roll it, roll it, roll it.

Come on, oh, my God, it's getting everywhere.

– [Eugene] I'm just gonna top some of these with a healthy dose of.



Oops (beep), well, now, theoven is covered in cheese.

Oh, well, Matt's gonna kill me for that.

– Okay, now, it's timeto put it all together.

I'm gonna spread thespicy mayo over the bread, add the artichoke heartand spinach concoction, and then add the bacon.

– We're in the final stretch here.

I've got everything going, but this needs some seasoning.

Soy sauce, bam, bam, bam, bam, yeah, that's going good.

Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, rice down.

– [Maggie] I know likeno one can smell this, but it actually does smellvery good, did you toast these? – No, not yet, I'm gonnado it on the stove top.

Now, we put these on thestove top over medium heat.

And I put these on the stove top, and I press, and let heat do it's thing.

Now, we're gonna cook thesefor like two, three minutes, so if you wanna cut tosomebody else like (beep) up, and then cut back to me doingawesome, you should that.

– Oh, no, it's falling apart, well, I definitely have orzofalling apart everywhere.

Oh, no, this one totallyfell apart (groans).

– [Keith] Wash as you go and, also, moving on right now, because I'm very stressed, okay.

Aw, now, I have to wash my hands.

(hums) Salmon is confusing, oh, yeah.

There's a lot of burninghappening, but not the salmon, just the glaze on the pan, okay, needs a little more time.

The chocolate, let me tell youwhat, I'm a little worried.

The chocolate smell, verythere, can smell the chocolate.

– [Ned] And there's mylittle zucchini sushi roll.

Let's check it out, oh, that's a thing.

I don't know if it'll tastegood, but it's a thing.

– Ooh, yeah, that's a thing, yummy, yum.

– Mmn, these actually smell delicious.

– All right, it's cocktail time! Got some sake, some gin, I've got our lovely sugar and apple mixture.

All right, I'm gonna strainmy apple sugar mixture.

– [Keith] Okay, I just opened this up to see how we're doing, steel fork test, you turn it, it flakes apart.

It's done, it's done, it'sdone, get it out of there.

– All right, so voila, Ihave completed my dish.

I only have one judge thatwill judge me, and that's God.

No, it's not God, it'sMatt, Matt, you ready? – [Keith] This, think she'sgonna be happy with it.

It's pretty nice, let'sget this outta the way.

Let's not see that Ispilled rice on the table.

She just cleaned thetable, Becky, Becky, Becky! – [Becky] What? – [Keith] It's time.

– (mimics whoosh) Bon appetit, so Maggie, for your lunch we have aspinach artichoke turkey bacon sandwich with a sideof sweet potato latkes.

– These are latkes? – [Ned] Okay, so you can open your eyes.

– Wow! – Ariel, I present to you zucchini and spicy tuna orzo sushi, this is gin, sake, and apple and raisininfused sugar syrup.

– This looks really good! No feet on the table.

– [Ned] No.

– And three, two, one, look.

– Oh, these actually look pretty good.

– [Eugene] What do they look like? – [Matt] They look like latkes.

– That's right, I made, I call these my vegetarian latkoreas.

– Ha, ha.

– [Eugene] Get it? – Whoa, did you putchocolate on the salmon? – [Keith] Yes, but only theteensiest bit, I made a sauce.

Why don't you get yourselfa fork and try it? – I'll get a mushroom, ah, the pickled cabbage.

– Cheers, darling.

– [Ariel] Cheers.

– Cheers.

– Oh, it's delicious, so how am I supposed to eat this, just fingers? – [Ned] Yes.

(drumroll) (Wes hums) (Ariel hums) – And go.

– It's not bad.

(triumphant music) – All right! – Mmn, it's good, it's really good.

– Yeah.

– A great blend of flavors, doesn't even taste like anything bizarrein there, I like it.

– [Zach] I do, too.

– It's really good.

– [Zach] This is delicious.

– Mmn, pretty good.

– Pretty good? – Mm-hmm.

– You're lying.

Was this a good, wereyou expecting latkes? – [Matt] No.

– So I was creative, you're still eating.

– Your creativity was likethrough the roof on this one, 'cause I did give you apretty challenging chile, and it doesn't even stickout like a sore thumb.

I was a little lost on like, 'ey, I'm still giving notes! – [Ned] This is a tuna meatball.

– This is really good.

– Yay!- This is really, really good.

– Yay, yay, does it taste like a meatball? – Yeah, it tastes likekind of a salty meatball.

I like the texture, though, I think that the bread did good things for you.

They're like weirdly delicious.

They're like, we should makethat all the time actually.

– Like what if people made tunameatballs, they're so good.

– [Keith] Describe to me the flavors.

(Becky humming pensively) What do you think, what's not working? (dark, dramatic music)- It's a little bland.

– [Keith] Bland! – I think it maybe needs salt.

– [Keith] Salt! – Try the salmon byitself just with the glaze just to get an idea of whatthe salmon itself tastes like.

– It just tastes like salmon.

– [Keith] Doesn't tastelike the glaze at all? – Nothing is coming through.

– [Keith] How, look at it, though.

Look at it.

– (laughs) I know.

– [Keith] But look atit, it's got nuts on it.

The nuts came from the chocolate bar.

– Good, now, you cancook the next two weeks.

– (laughs) No-no-no-no.

(drowned out) No-no-no, what a great time.

Eugene had to cook once in his life, never has to do it again, never again, and that is– – I'm gonna give you amystery box every day.

– No, this was great, this wasa great challenge just for– – Every day in quarantine, Eugene's gonna get a mystery box challenge.

– Eugene's never gonna have to cook again.

– You're right.

This tastes like salmon.

– See.

I told you.

– How is that possible? I think it's good, I do think it needs a little more salt, but we can fix that.

– [Becky] I didn't think youwere gonna make something bad.

– [Keith] But I thoughtI'd make something better.

– Oh, this helped.


– Oh, yeah.

– That's it from us onquarantine week three.

– Any of you out there watching, if you've got someleftovers in your fridge, if you're thinking maybeyou wanna do something nice for your family or significant other, try your hand at making a fun dish, get creative in the kitchen, take some of your leftovers, make something new.

– Am I the best meal you've had today? – Yeah, I mean, I am very, very hungry.

This took like a very long time.

(shushes) – Yay, I got a kiss, whoo, I got a kiss, that means I won first place.

– [Becky] First place.

– [Keith] First place (mimics munching)! (energetic rock music) – I think half the time I'm around him, I just make fun of him, you know? Just gotta bring him down multiple pegs.

That's how I like my relationships, just constantly degradingthe other person's self-esteem until they do what you want.


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