The new business guide Millennial Leadership: The Ultimate Management Guide for Gen Y Leaders is a collaboration between a successful young millennial business manager and an experienced baby boomer who teamed up in a mentoring relationship that revealed critical insights to them both.

Kamy Eliassi was a higher-up at an international logistics company and in charge of leading the entire organization when he realized he wasn’t managing to his full potential. His search for a mentor led him to Terry Thompson, an executive vice president and general manager at a leading fuel management company in Vancouver, Canada.

Eventually, the two men realized that Thompson’s experience with leadership and management fundamentals combined with Eliassi’s relevant leadership insights for modern Millennials yielded a new paradigm to help the current generation take on the exciting goal of growing into senior and executive level positions in their companies while achieving life balance.

Eliassi explains that the book covers the spectrum of management and leadership topics such as developing a vision, planning, execution, hiring and recruiting, and coaching and communication but infuses them with modern insights and tools relevant to millennial leaders and consumers.

He comments, “After a year-long mentoring relationship with Terry, we felt it would be great to take the wisdom from our two different generations and present it in a concise, fun, and inspirational way. Millennial Leadership is the result.”

“I like the very practical tone of this volume and the fact that it addresses a common but largely unacknowledged problem – the inability of one generation to follow and value the thinking of succeeding generations. So many of the tips and ideas pass the ISHTOT test (I Should Have Thought of That!)” ~ Professor David Clutterbuck



Kamy Eliassi studied business economics and accounting at UCLA before becoming a certified public accountant. He quickly moved up from staff accountant to become managing director of an international logistics company at an early age. With over seven years of executive leadership experience, Kamy’s unique leadership style focuses on leading with inspiration and developing each individual based on their unique personality traits. He currently speaks on the topic of Millennial Leadership and provides management and leadership consulting to companies and their leaders.

Terry Thompson was executive vice president and general manager of a company that became the only national provider of on-site diesel fuel management services in Canada. Under Terry’s leadership, the company became Canada’s seventh best company to work for in a national survey and voted as one of Canada’s 50 best managed companies in 2010. Thompson sold his interest in the company and is currently a private investor and volunteer business mentor. He has over thirty years of leadership and management experience leading and consulting organizations in a number of different industries.

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