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It is easy to focus on the potential financial rewards when looking at the life of a business executive, but there are a lot of lifestyle sacrifices that often have to made and plenty of challenges on the way to the top of the tree.

One thing that is often a prerequisite to success is to have the management skills and training. Go to go to to learn more.

In the meantime, here is a look at the typical profile of a top executive at some well-known global brands.

Early riser

If you enjoy a leisurely start to the day and like to awake at a reasonable time before showering and taking breakfast, then that would not be something you would normally find a business executive doing.

The typical morning routine for an executive would be to rise at about 6am and head straight to the home gym for a workout lasting roughly 45 minutes before hitting the shower.

The reason why exercise is considered to be so important in the daily routine for many top executives is that not only does regular gym time keep your weight under control, it also improves your mood and gives you an energy boost.

It seems that there is not always time left for breakfast after that start and if you haven’t eaten before it gets anywhere near 8am, it will be too late and you will have to get something on the go if you feel the need.

Handling emails

The typical top executive will spend an average of nearly 2.5 hours each day answering emails and texting, so the first thing many of them do when they arrive at the office is to spend the first hour or so trying to get caught up with everything in their inbox.

Assuming the typical amount of time for an executive commute, this will mean that they will have got the email tasks behind them by the time the clock hits 9.15am.

The next step is normally to set some goals and strategize for the days and weeks ahead. Planning and setting regular goals is one of the key attributes that allows a successful business executive to stay on top and maintain their level of success.


If you made it to the higher echelons of management, your daily life will almost certainly consist of a large amount of meetings, either in person or via conference calls.

A typical business executive will spend another 2.5 hours of their day in meetings or participating in conference, in addition to the time spent handling emails and text messages.


There is normally a half-hour slot allocated for lunch at midday, especially if breakfast didn’t happen, but one thing that at least half of top business executives have in common is the fact that they don’t snack and still aim to have a healthy diet when they do grab a bite to eat.

Dinner is the meal that the majority of business executives do not miss and the aim is to sit down for dinner somewhere between 6.00 and 7.00pm, so there is time for about 1.5 hours of socializing with friends or family, before setting aside the rest of the evening for personal projects and personal development.

Typical profile

Many business executives who are following this typical daily routine will have worked their way up to their exalted position and have been with their present company for about six years on average.

Other aspects of your profile that might mark you out as future business leader will be that you have achieved a typical entry-level education of a bachelor’s degree.

You will also be earning a salary that is in the region of $250,000 per year or more, and gained at least five years’ experience in a related occupation to qualify for the rewards and position that you now command.

What you are expected to do

You will be expected to lead by example and top executives will often work closely with other executives and managers who are at lower levels of management.

A top executive is expected to be able to devise strategies and implement policies which will allow the business to meet its operation and financial goals.

If you are prepared to work long hours and are committed to continued personal development by learning new skills and techniques, you will at last have the basis of the qualities that will allow you to become a top business executive.

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