Real Results Based On Real Data

Data helps you make educated marketing decisions. With it, you are no longer blindly shooting marketing dollars at “guessing” campaigns. You can know that you are reaching your target market when you use solid data. Whether your marketing budget is small, or large, you can have the confidence of knowing that you have quality data driving who your campaign will target.

You also have the confidence of understanding the REAL data from your campaign. Reports are vital to giving you a full picture of how your campaign performed. Looking at stats helps you understand how to handle and plan your future campaigns.

Data gives peace of mind. Remember those blind guessing games of marketing you used to play? The peace of mind that comes from a well-planned marketing campaign is priceless! While there is still some experimenting with the perfect combination of data for your brand, you can make educated hypotheses, rather than random marketing hopes.

Data helps you understand the return on investment for any email marketing, display or banner advertising, social media, or direct mail campaign. When you can see the giant spike in closed transactions, or increased web traffic, and see the direct correlation to the timing or goal of a recent marketing campaign, you know you have a good return on investment. Of course, every campaign has a different goal and therefore, a different return on investment.

The best data drives the best results. You need to work with the best data to get those optimal results. Outdated data is worthless data! When you are working with data that is clean and filtered, you can know that you are reaching a highly targeted, specific group of “intenders” who are ready for your message.

Data does not just come into play when we are planning a campaign; we care about data during the entire process. We are constantly looking at campaign performance reports to see what worked and what didn’t work so that we can tailor future campaigns for optimum results. The data and stats drive the campaigns.

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