Men’s Health Cover Model to Help Launch a Series Groundbreaking Health and Wellness Products

Wakaya Perfection, LLC, direct marketer and purveyor of high impact and high status nutritional products, announced that celebrity fitness guru and Men’s Health Magazine Cover Model, Owen McKibbin, has officially joined as celebrity fitness brand ambassador for the company’s fitness and nutritional platform: BulaFIT which revolves around the word “Bula”, which in Fijian means life and good health and is designed to help support Ambassadors in successfully achieving their fitness and nutrition goals. McKibbin, one of the most credible and recognizable personalities in the health and fitness world, brings a wealth of knowledge, influence and experience to Wakaya Perfection and its network of Ambassadors.

For over 30 years, McKibbin has been passionate about fitness and has focused on developing successful, customized personal training workouts based on his exclusive Zone Progression Training method which is a breakthrough fitness solution to producing strong, lean and immediate results. As a leading voice in dialogue on health and fitness, his celebrity clients have included Blake Lively, Zac Ephron, Amber Valetta, Jessica Simpson and more. McKibbin holds the coveted title of being on the most Men’s Health Magazine Covers than any other fitness model to date. His first book, commissioned by Rodale Press, The Men’s Health Cover Model Workout, Body Sculpting Secrets of the World’s Top Fitness Model, received praise throughout the fitness industry for its insightful and concise approach to fitness and well-being. His career also includes playing professional volleyball for the AVP and in his high-demand career as a Fashion Model he has appeared in major print or television campaigns for such clients as Polo by Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Guess and Gillette.

McKibbin will act as the celebrity fitness brand ambassador for Wakaya Perfection and will focus on spearheading product development, creating video content and designing effective fitness routines under the BulaFIT Fitness platform, that continuously educate and support the Independent Business Ambassador network. McKibbin will guide Independent Business Ambassadors in nutritional products and fitness education to help them lead a healthier lifestyle. McKibbin joins Wakaya Perfection timed with the new February 2017 issue of Men’s Health Magazine which marks his 20th appearance in the magazine celebrating him as one of Men’s Health’s Iconic Men’s Health Cover Models.

“In our search for a celebrity fitness brand ambassador, we determined that an individual who understood all aspects of health and fitness was critical, but equally important was to find someone with a tireless passion for supporting the ideals of our mission, values and our focus in delivering innovative wellness products that enhance lives. Owen places the same strong emphasis as we do on giving our Independent Business Ambassadors the tools they need to succeed and better their lives from a health and fitness perspective” said Todd Smith, co-founder of Wakaya Perfection. “Whether he’s training an Olympic athlete or a stay-at-home Mom, Owen always looks for the right combination of simple, straight-forward techniques communicated in a positive, supportive way to produce results. It’s this combination that made working with Owen an easy decision.”

Owen-Men's Health Cover

This month, McKibbin will add to the company’s wellness mission with the introduction of a Wakaya Perfection BulaFIT Fitness three-part DVD Fitness series, inspired by Fijian Warrior actions and movements. This exclusive series will cover basic, intermediate and power warrior movements that can be performed conveniently and affordably outside of the gym – such as in a park, at the beach, or in the home.

McKibbin will also introduce an exclusive fitness edition of Wakaya Perfection’s patented bula Nutri- Cap Hydration System™ with daily fitness routines and tutorials printed right on the bula bottle itself creating an ultra-convenient way to keep your workouts on track as you hydrate and boost your energy and athletic performance. The bula Nutri-Cap System™ is a simple and convenient way to deliver a bevy of all-natural and health focused supplements, while also hydrating for maximum health and performance.

Additional McKibbin-endorsed products that will be launching soon will include a ground-breaking Wakaya Perfection BulaFIT Ketogenic Shake and Supplement System, designed to help initiate and augment a Ketogenic diet and lifestyle. The system focuses primarily on nutritional supplement

regimen plus a great tasting shake containing specific medium chain triglycerides, moderate protein and low-carbohydrates, promoting the healthy burning of fats for energy rather than relying solely upon ingested carbohydrates.

“My clients constantly ask me for advice about exercise, nutrition and supplements,” notes McKibbin. “They ask, ‘Do I need to work out and take supplements if I eat healthy already?’ My answer is always ‘yes,’ because you need to keep your body active and strong as a preventative health measure and it is also tough to consistently eat a well-balanced diet so you want to make sure you get enough protein and nutrition every single day. At Wakaya Perfection, athletes at any skill level – from elite-level training for competition, to the mom or dad working hard on the elliptical – all can truly improve their performance and see results faster with the products and content that are being developed in our innovation pipeline. It is my goal to help our Independent Ambassadors develop customized fitness routines and nutritional guidance to help them age gracefully and in the healthiest way”.


About Wakaya Perfection, LLC.

Wakaya Perfection was founded by David H. Gilmour, founder of FIJI Water, and health and wellness advocate. The naturally harvested organic ginger, turmeric, sea salt and more, indigenous to the island of Wakaya, is hand-cultivated in virgin volcanic soil solely for its purity and multi-faceted rejuvenating properties that naturally enhance the quality of lives. Wakaya Perfection products have been distributed through luxury hotels, resorts, fine-dining establishments and luxury department stores and are now marketed by Wakaya Perfection Independent Business Ambassadors. Begin your path to paradise by visiting

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