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Just imagine if working at home was easy!

Just think, children take care of themselves, the dog takes itself for a walk, the house is gleaming constantly and all your groceries are purchased and delivered to your door almost instantly. Diner is cooked and the dishes are washed … and all you have do is spend a little time working on your business.

Yes! In an ideal world perhaps.

Anyone who says working from home is easy should try it themselves for a week and then they'll see.

If you work at home you know its not a breeze. There's lots to be done and very little time to do it in. – And yet it does not have to be difficult.

Did you know there are a few simple time management techniques you can implement to help you get more done in a short space of time.

Its true. And the best part is, if you used these techniques yourself you will find yourself having more time to spend on leisure activities, spend quality time with the family or whatever else interests you.

Your Best Ally

It is possible to get all your task done – If you use a planner.

To use a planner effectively, first arrange your family – nothing comes first than family, then arrange to schedule the time you are going to work on your business.

Once you have your working day planned, stay focused during the business portion as its very easy to get into the habit of putting today and doing it tomorrow, but you never get round to whatever the task may be and you just lag behind.

Time To Tight To Mention

When you have many chores to do try grouping grouping them. For example if you have many phones calls to make but you've also got to write a sales letter which you know is going to take a big chunk of your time then instead of you becoming defocus from your writing, how about organizing your phones call one after the other, and once they are done they're done.

You will have the luxury of time to focus on the sales letter without becoming distracted or worried, if you made the phone calls or not.

Set a side an hour in the morning and late afternoon for all your correspondence

Schedule for Personal errands

To save you time during the week, set a block of time for planning your meals and when you have to go to the grocery store.

In this way you will save time during the week and not taking daily trips to the market … which will cost you a high fuel bill in any case.


Its certainly not easy working at home, and if you realize you do not have to do it all by yourself. After all you are not Super Woman.

Get your partner involved to help out with house hold errands. Get your kids involved, they will love helping out and there is lots of things they can do.

Everyone needs a break, so make sure you give enough quality time just for yourself. Do not you agree you're worth it.

Source by Robert Cacciatore

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